5 Minute Freewrite Prompt Continuation Part 30 | Radish

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Ingrid realized, in all the time, she'd known her, she'd never seen Tabitha to wear her hair down. Tabitha's radish coloured hair was brushed back from her forehead so tightly it looked painful, and then knotted and woven so that it was almost as thick as rope. Ingrid noticed other things, too: Tabitha's clunky oxfords were tightly laced. Her sweater (it was chilly indoors with the air-conditioning) was tied with ribbon instead of buttons. The woman had more knots on her person than a sailing ship. If she kept it up, there was a possibility that the silver evil could form again. The darkness fed on constrictions it was attracted to it, like moths to flame.


She whispered fiercely, "Try it for once. Wear your hair down. And get rid of those shoes. And that sweater. Wear slip-on shoes. One of those cardigans that open in the front. No zippers. No buttons. Nothing but free-floating fabric. Free. And no knots."

"What does that to do with anything?"

"Just try it for a couple of months. I read somewhere that it might work, it's like a karma thing." These days New Age wisdom was an easy enough explanation for a little bit of white magic. Tabitha told her she would consider it, but she left the storage room shaking her head.


This is a continuation free write prompt which turned into a short story novel. Perhaps, not so short anymore; anyhow hope you enjoy it. For previous prompts about the Witches of Farrenmore Heights; scroll below for each link


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Hello! good use of the word, I would not have imagined in any way hahaha

Ha ha.. Thanks.
All about improvising wherever it goes :)

Radish-colored hair? Oh, that is a picture right there, love it!

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Ha ha.. interesting hair color huh :)

Oh, this had my thoughts tied up in knots, but, the radish colored hair was brilliant! You did well on this!

Have a great day and now, I have read several backstories and want to continue!


Thanks so much @dswigle
I had started with the flow of the story and radish was no where a fit ..
Then again, radish coloured hair sound like a good idea

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This was a captivating read! Thanks!