Spanish Freewrite: No Panic - Sin panico

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Empezamos a abrir nuestras alas
Un camino hacia tu puerta
Un camino a tu encuentro
Hermanos que nos necesitan
Debemos parar en el recorrido
Es la misión, esa a la que me has llamado
“Ayuda a tu hermano, yo no te abandono”
Sin pánico te escucho, Sin pánico te seguiré.


We start to open our wings
A path to your door
A path to meet you
Brothers who need us
We must stop on the tour
It's the mission, the one you called me to
"Help your brother, I don't abandon you"
Without panic I listen to you, No panic Follow Me.


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Seras reconocida como lider de las naciones. Felicidades.

Hola gracias... Estoy muy contenta por este proyecto para la gloria de Dios.

Lovely poetry, dear.

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Hi! How are you? Thank you :). Thanks for stopping by.

Yes!! Help our brothers and sisters, children and friends, and...

And all people in need. God its with us and will not leave us alone.

And all people in
Need. God its with us and will
Not leave us alone.

                 - isgledysduarte

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