You Need Help (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Your mornings doesn't always seem right. You have a lot of worries, and may sound irrational. Trying to find ways to break away from it, but it seems you are not in control with your mind.

There are a lot of triggers. It might be words, things, situations, smell, etc. With just a slight of distraction, thinking how to reason yourself, why things happened. Speaking out you don't have the bad intentions. Seems like guilt is unnerving you when it shouldn't.

Affecting you and your work. You cannot easily do them as concentration is split. Your mind seems to wander, and felt unattached from what you're doing. Don't have time to socialize with your workmates. They go out for hangout, and invited you, but kept on declining.

You cannot eat well. No matter how delicious the food is, they're tasteless on your tongue. Eating because you know you need them. Nevertheless, you cannot really enjoy them. It's just a part of a routine that you need to do. There are even moments you fail to do them.

In the afternoon, you will feel sleepy, and try to take a nap. That's because you are tired of dealing with anxious thoughts. As you wake up, it gets back, and even stronger. Feeling jittery that you can't do the things you scheduled because you spend some time dealing with the unwanted thoughts.

There are even obsessions that you don't really want to do. At times, counting every steps when you are walking, washing your hands, and every thing you do. Try to avoid certain numbers in your brain. Mental rituals has been in your brain since you were young. Thinking it is normal, but it isn't.

You are tired the entire day. Time for you to go to bed. Either you can easily sleep, or cannot sleep. That doesn't seem normal. When yo wake up in the morning, your brain will face the same process as mentioned above.

If you are experiencing all or some that was mentioned above, you need help. Have someone to talk to. Seek treatment. Don't worry about the stigma. Many people will understand because you are not alone in the battle. Millions of people out there are in the same boat that you don't know.


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