Day 777: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: lazy wind

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This is my post for #freewrite Friday prompt lazy wind hosted by @mariannewest also with Thursday prompt arse

The river water has been too cold for pompano to be in, so yesterday we did not go until the tide started flooding (coming in from the ocean). The ocean water is warmer than the river water. That was noon. And my husband caught 3 down in the inlet jigging. I caught 2 with bait out on the middle bank.

So this morning I left early because I wanted to try the railroad bridge. The water up the creek is warmer than the river water, it was a good plan, I thought. I am sitting watching my lines and a pole jumps, I get excited and grab it, then the next pole jumps, and the next one jumps, nothing on any of them. Then I saw the big wake, some big arse creature hit all three lines. I am not sure what it was either a sea cow or big shark, I do know it was not a porpoise.

I screwed around the railroad bridge for an hour and never caught anything. Then I went to Cat island and I saw one and did a circle to get anchored right and a sport fisherman ran between me and the island, I knew the fish would not be there after he ran his motor across the flat, so I did not anchor. I ran to Long Point but there was nothing there. It was time for the tide to change so I went to the inlet. My husband was down in the inlet jigging, I tried to anchor in there but my anchor will not hold in a rock. We loaned my husband's sister the anchor that I use in the inlet and now I need to get it back from her.

I went out to the middle bank and skipped a pompano, anchored and caught one as soon as I got my rods out. I got it off and threw that rod back out and caught another one. Threw it out again, called my husband to tell him I have two and the same rod had another one. and that was it. I caught nothing else, moved four times for nothing.

It was a beautiful day, the weather warmed up and we had a nice lazy wind all day.


Here is my big catch for the day. If the rumors are true the price is going to be cut another dollar this week, they say we are going to get 4.25 a pound. That really hurts when your not catching much.


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@botefarm thank you for the prompt, pompano is a type of fish we catch, they are the most expensive fish of all the fish we catch in the river.

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Beautiful sky!! And to much more fish tomorrow!

I can imagine it hurts. I wonder who makes the prizes and what the end customer pays. A good weekend. 💕

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I hope the price holds @myjob 🙏


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@wonderwop the price went lower than we thought it would go. But it never goes down to the people buying the fish, they still pay 19 dollars a pound and we are now getting 3.50 a pound. That is the lowest we have ever gotten.