Outcry (Freewrite Challenge)

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Frederick and Benjamin were good friends. They were partners from different aspects, particularly in school, where the two of them had a tandem. Both were aspiring politicians, so they support each other. When someone is bullying Frederick, Benjamin is always to the rescue. The same goes with Frederick, who's always ready to rescue Benjamin in times of trouble.

Time came when the two are about to graduate in the university. Frederick has proposed a business to Benjamin, and the two has been planning for it to establish once they graduated. During the graduation, Frederick ended as a Summa Cum Laude, while Benjamin is Cum Laude. On his speech, Frederick has thanked Benjamin who's been his partner the entire journey of their college life. However, there's jealousy started to grow with Benjamin, though he controls it.

Time came when the two decided to establish their business, which is a automotive shop. Of course, there are ups and downs, and their friendship was tested. They had fights, though mending their differences eventually. Benjamin, though, is harboring resentment against Frederick despite remaining as friends and partners. Time came when the business is prospering and undergone expansion. Investors are coming in, and the company started othet business ventures.

Frederick was elected CEO, the time when Benjamin's jealousy has grown. They had more fights because of Benjamin's missteps resulting to minimal losses. It made Benjamin angrier, and decided to retaliate silently. First, he influenced some investors and said negative things about Frederick, which might affect their business.

Second, he crawled on the HR departments and employees propagating about Frederick's plans (faked by Benjamin) that would be affecting their privileges. He started to create a union silently, and to hold a protest against Frederick first through social media by paying a group of people to express sentiments and outcry in social media.

The plans has started. The PR group started an issue by using an hashtag on Twitter, which was joined by the employees. Frederick was shocked on the news, and wondering who's behind all of these. He denied the issues, while protests started outside their office. Employees started to lose respect on him.

Stockholders decided to hold a meeting. They wanted to elect a new CEO. It shocked Frederick, and tried to appeal. But the board has decided, and elected Benjamin to become the new CEO, to the shock of Frederick. He felt betrayed, and he had a feeling that Benjamin is behind all of these.

On Benjamin's lead, the company wasn't as successful. There are lots of problems he faced. Besides, he has conspired to some employees to corrupt the money of the company. Frederick had some people in the company who are spying, and he learned about what happened was planned by Benjamin to oust him as CEO. He also learned of his plan to catch his corruption through hidden camera, and hidden audio mics.

As he acquired all the evidences, he went to the authorities to file a case. On the next board meeting, Frederick came in to claim what is righful for him, along with the authority to arrest Benjamin.

What we learned here is jealousy can be the root of betrayal, and it will break friendships and relationships, even your own life.

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