Puppets in the community Update #24

We continue with the promotion of the puppet project in the community in this opportunity we will address issues related to the skills that can develop the participating children thanks to language tools.

The language is the tool that allows us to communicate, not knowing about grammar or comprehension and reading is something that abounds in the smallest, Venezuela as other countries has deficiency in the educational teaching about language, Spanish is one of the languages spoken to me in America and in the world occupies a privileged place, coming from Latin Spanish was established as an official language thanks to the Spanish invasion in 1400, is a language quite difficult to master especially by the system of punctuation and verb tenses that make a slight difference changes context a whole paragraph.

In theatre the exceptional use of language is vital to understand and develop any scenic activity, as children have low performance in the matter of Spanish classes makes it a little difficult to explain coherently the various techniques in theater.

Fortunately I learned to convey clearly the teaching related to theater through dynamic games, especially because there is no habit of reading armies to read aloud becomes tedious. But nothing that a directed game allows infants to immerse themselves in literature and begin to have a love of writing.

There are 3 classic exercises in the universal theater, if it is a script the proper way to learn to take advantage of it is to read it under three modalities, the first is to read the script as history this allows to understand the conductive threads that are inside the work, the second is to read it to pronounce exaggeratedly the words this helps to develop more the dominion of the Spanish as well as its correct pronunciation, the third form is to read the script characterizing each character, in this way the actor can understand the dramatization of his part and at the same time to understand the emotional changes or of places or times of other lines of third actors.

The treatment of these exercises represented in 3 examples, I have solved them in the following way, first I select random texts for the group of children to read and thus identify those who have skills or better reading habits and who are deficient, then some dynamic games are made oriented to which the children develop spontaneous dramatizations but with a theme determined by key words, in this way the children understand reading and speaking as a game and forget the previous exercise, Obtaining an expectacular results.

In this way we have different types of exercises that will always be accompanied by games to make more flexible how serious theatrical exercises can be normally, is a kind of technique that I have seen little in active theatrical groups since they do not usually work with children, in my case it is essential to devise different methods so that there is no difficulty whatsoever in the development of the workshops.

To close the publication I express my optimism in getting the remaining money to get the necessary support and reach the goal of raising the money needed to conduct the second workshop puppets in the community.

You can calmly review my profile and the experience of the first workshop by reading each of the updates from the purchase of the materials to the final day of the presentation of the play developed by the children as well as the making of the Puppets.

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