Fungi Friday : My little nightly collection / Meine kleine nächtliche Sammlung

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Hello lovely Steemians !

I recently was notified by @qwerrie, a great Steemian that that use to share beautiful pictures of fungi of all kind, that there is this great #fungifriday challenge by @EwkaW. I really like the idea and was looking up my pictures from my travels to Poland and the Czech Republik to dig out three pictures that I took there while roaming through the forrest.


Vor kurzem wurde ich von @qwerrie, einem großartigen Steemian, darüber informiert, dass es diese großartige #fungifriday Challenge von @EwkaW gibt, um mit anderen großartige Bilder von Pilzen aller Art zu teilen. Die Idee hat mir sehr gut gefallen und ich habe Bilder von meinen Reisen durch Polen und in die Tschechische Republik abgesucht, um drei Bilder heraus zu fischen, die ich dort gemacht habe als ich durch die Wäld gestreift bin.


This first one here really cought my eye due to its intense purple colour ! .. For sure this one is not edible, but I really like this little purple fellow ^^


Dieser erste hier ist mir wegen seiner intensiven violetten Farbe aufgefallen! .. Mit Sicherhrit ist er nicht essbar, aber ich mag diesen kleinen lila Kerl wirklich ^^


The second one is probably well known by all fungi enthusiasts out there. I actually like this hard contrast between red and white. Already like an alarm sign ;)


Der zweite ist wahrscheinlich allen Pilz-Enthusiasten bekannt. Ich mag ich diesen harten Kontrast zwischen Rot und Weiß. Schon fast wie ein Alarmsignal ;)


The third one I would like to show to you for its beautiful structure that fascinated me. It is so amazing how diverse fungies can be!


Den dritte möchte ich wegen seiner schönen Struktur zeigen, die mich fasziniert hat. Es ist so erstaunlich, wie vielfältig Pilze sein können!

A fungi friday to you all !!







If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Wenn Ihr mehr über mich erfahren wollt, dann schaut euch doch meinen Introduceyourself Post an oder folgt meinem Blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger by clicking here !!

Best wishes

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Wow! Purple one! Very strange! Not edible I suppose!

Hehe .. its looks like it is a little poison bomber ^^ .. but the colour is soo beautiful, hehe .. I would not dare to try ;)

Wow, what a colour of the first one. I do not recognize the mushrooms, but these are great for photography. And needless to say that the one with the droplets is awesome. 😀

Thank you ^^ I thought that those three will give a nice compilation of fungie ;)

Hey @adalger, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

So happy you joined the Friday Fun guys :)
I like the last ones... so amazing and so photogenic when the shrooms show off their gills.
Happy Fungi Friday :)

Thank you .. from now on I may be watching out for more great fungi when I go on a photography tour and try to remember your nice challenge ^^

i never have met that purple fella in my life ! (yet). thank you for sharing, I really like your little supply. autumn, time for fungi -- surely there is / will be much more all around you, my friend.

Happy Fungi Friday !! ...and a !BEER
I am sure it will arrive... sooner or later. I just delegated yesterday some silly money to the @beerlover

Command accepted!

Hehe, I will try to work on my photography skills using fungi as motives ^^ .. I am already exited about which nice ones I will encounter ;)

nice to hear that. I wish Santa will bring you a decent macro or artsy-everyday 50-mm baby soon!

Hey @adalger, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Du hast einen Vote von @portalvotes bekommen.

Scheint so, als wärst Du der @faltermann der Pilze ;)

Wow, das nenne ich mal ein Kompliment ^^ ..Dankeschööön ;)

De rien! :)
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Thank you for the curation ^^

Mit Glueck ein !BEER. Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Feiertag

Command accepted!

Both three are amazing and I never looked before...I like specially's like it has 2 difference part.

It is such a hard contrast, right ? ^^ .. fungi are really amazing !

Yes! Like it.