ONECENT Daily Report - HF21 Rewards Reality Check & New MAXUV Token - Day 48

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Firstly, the numbers: our total value is currently about 1581 STEEM (+3 STEEM), including 438 STEEM within Steem Engine and a total of 15203 tokens in play. This gives ONECENT an ABV of about 10.40 STEEM cents (0.1040 STEEM), slightly up on yesterday.

Well, HF21 has happened, with one hiccup, which didn't really affect ONECENT much, and one hangover, which will.

I can already see the changes brought about by HF21. Today's post rewards were much lower than usual, not just because of the overt decrease in author rewards but also because of the sneaky reward curve that penalises even further any post that is below a certain threshold.

Actually, huge misunderstandings about this issue, compounded by Steemit Inc's own inability to write in clear English; indeed, their own explanation is wrong. So let me explain.

If you look at the new reward curve formula - OK, I know most of you don't wish to, but it's important to at least understand what the mathematics is doing - then for low value posts it approximates to a half of an upvote's "value". The "value" of an upvote is the value generated by the blockchain, as you can see in this calculator.

Now, between your upvote and the payout stands the "reward curve" which manipulates the upvotes to generate the final rewards. Recently, that reward curve has been linear - not actually proportional - with a small drop of 50 million rshares. Now the reward curve converges towards being linear but very, very slowly for the vast majority of Steemians. So much so that at the start, as I said above, an upvote is worth on payout no more than half its value from the blockchain.

As more people vote, so two things happen: the value of the post moves up along the curve and starts to be worth more per upvote; as the post's value increases then so do the curation rewards. So if you can imagine that a post's final payout lies on a continuum from half the sum of its upvotes up to the full sum of the upvotes, and as it's total value increases then so does its payout value.

Confused? Sounds fair? So, the more you earn, the more you get; the less you earn, the less you get.

MAXUV was designed to give authors larger upvotes than they themselves could generate from their SP.

Here again is the MAXUV launch post and the Steem Engine MAXUV market.

Let me know what you think.

Now, to some prizes!

I shall give one 10% vote per day to a random account that appears on the Steem Engine Block Explorer.

That random player will also be added to our automatic-voter (if not already there). The upvotes will be... modest.

So, our winner today is... @mistakili!


I hope you find the game interesting. Please post any questions or, better still, if you write any articles on the ONECENT experience, feel free to post a link in a comment.

Till tomorrow!

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