Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC Addresses Many of The Fans Complaints

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A new Trailer for the DLC ReMind was leaked. The Trailer appeared on Square Enix YouTube channel but was deleted after half an hour. Fans re-uploaded the trailer on YouTube and Kingdom Hearts fans are already so excited about the DLC!


While I loved Kingdom Hearts III, I admit it had more than a few issues with fans. There were no Final Fantasy characters in the base game, Kairi didn't see a lot of action despite her training with Lea, and even the hardest difficulty "Critical Mode" was perceived as too easy for some fans.

The Trailer Contains Spoilers For KHIII Ending!
You can watch it below:

The new trailer for ReMind confirmed the appearance of Final Fantasy Characters like Aerith, Yuffie and Leon (known in FFVIII as Squall,) talking to Riku. After seeing this, I have a huge hope that we'll see Cloud and fight with Sephiroth again. It'll also be a huge advertisement for the upcoming FFVII Remake!

There will also be more Playable Characters. The previous trailers showed us Roxas as playable, now we get playable Kairi! That's something fans wished for since Kingdom Hearts II, was expected but we didn't get it in the base Kingdom Hearts III. I'm just glad we'll be able to play as her in the DLC.

For those who want challenge, the game's director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed earlier that there will be "Black Code" mode which allows you to change the difficulty with options like disabling Cure spells. There will also be "Fast Pass" mode that allows One-shot kill enemies.


The Trailer ends at a high note like most of Kingdom Hearts III trailers. This time, what appears like Yozora says the iconic words that Sora said at the start of the series: "I'm having weird thoughts lately..."

A Powerful Hype!

While I believe some of these should've been in the base game. I'm very excited that we're going to get them at all. Looks like Final Fantasy characters will affect the story following the ending of Kingdom Hearts III. I don't think they had a place in the story in the base game and their world might've been just a filler if they appeared in the base game (like some Disney worlds in KHIII.)

I'm looking forward to what this DLC will bring!

The image is a screenshot from the Trailer.
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