My Steemit Garden Journal Challenge January 2020

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Hello my Steemit friends,

I was fortunate to have tagged along yesterday to visit our farm. This corn farm is quite far from our home and I seldom go here. I didn't know what made me go because lately I am staying home because of a medical condition that would explain why I am all covered as I am on a routine medical procedure. Anyway the trip to the corn field is a breath of fresh air for me who had been stuck inside our home. I took some photos and videos because the scenery is just beautiful
me posing with the field of young corn

I am actually joining the contest of @simplymike the link is here if you want to join
I had been seeing this Garden Journal Challenge since late last year but I didn't have the time to visit our farm. Yesterday I saw the contest once again and I felt happy because finally I can join just to show you guys this relaxing and beautiful scene
It is not easy driving to the area so we brought this kind of vehicle
See the puddle of mud? It rained recently and now we got worried because the crops might be affected by the rain water. The seedlings are still good but what worries us are those with fruits already. They might droop and if we didn't put some sort of support then they are useless.
It was hot and muddy and challenging going there but it was a good experience altogether
We've seen some corn already drooping and we are still thinking about the plan of action
Our water or source of irrigation I thought I would share it with you
These are some of our farmer friends who are in charge of the fertiliser and making sure that the corns receive the right amount.

Thankful to see that everyone is doing their assigned tasks. I heard from our farmer friends that they worry about theft come harvest time.

Thank you for dropping by

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Wow, that's some beautiful scenery for sure.
I hope there won't be too much damage from the rain, and that you have a fruitful harvest.

Thanks for joining!!!

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Thank you. Yes we are hoping no damage to the crops otherwise the corn will end up being used as feeds for the animals that's what I heard during our discussion 😁

I'll keep my fingers crossed!


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Thank you

Ha, like the posing!

I'm glad to hear that

It's gonna be so beautiful (the sceneries) when the harvest time is ready and you can grab the corns.. grill it right on the farm..uhmm.. wonderful!

Yes I agree. I miss grilling some corns already

What a stunning farm you got their, who can go wrong with corn? Must be fun getting to take the jeep around too

That is right and despite the challenge with the rain I am hoping that we can have a good harvest. The jeep matches my outfit making the ride even more fun. Thanks for dropping by


Thank you

Nostalgic! And seriously craving for cooorns! Great post!

Thank you for dropping by. Definitely nostalgic, I know that my fellow kababayans have their own fond memories about corns 😊