PET Bottles In My Garden

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I call these little green houses as they provide a controlled environment to my little citrus seedlings.
I got this idea from my mom when I was still young. She puts a wide glass jar to cover a branch she wants to grow. It was effective I must say because I saw a few bushes of roses that matured and survived using this method.
Here I used a liter of PET bottle because I don't have a bigger glass jar. It works just as good
I'm not sure if this technique will work on seedlings but I am giving it a try. I am crossing my fingers. If you know know something about this kindly share your tips on the comments below
When the quarantine started gardening is one of the activities we do. We plant whatever we can out of the kitchen left overs like seeds from fruits and stems from vegetables. Here I got two different kinds of citrus. On the left is a Poncan which is similar to an orange. To the right is a Quiat Quiat a smaller version of an orange.

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