🌺 SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge - October (With Steem-Bounty)

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What's going on in your (indoor) garden, on your balcony, in your homestead or on your farm this month? Let us take a peek and maybe you'll win one of the prizes.

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Limited Harvest

There's no a whole lot going on in my own garden at the moment. The melon pears are almost ready to be picked (yummie) - I'm so looking forward to that. The cucumber and yardlong bean plants have been removed from the green house. We've harvested our potatoes, and one batch of sweet potatoes. More of these last ones are still waiting in their growing bags. There are some Chayotes left, and a couple of beefsteak tomatoes waited until the last moment to start growing. They're still on the plant, but I'm pretty sure I will need to take them off later this week. The Yacon tubers can stay in the ground until the first frost, but looking at the weather forecast, we'll be able to enjoy them really soon.

It's really about time to start the winter prepping, but on a day like today, when the sun is shining, I don't like the idea of taking down the garden. Unfortunately, now October is coming to an end, I won't be able to postpone it a lot longer.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what's going on in your gardens, on your balconies, on your farms or in your growing/living rooms.

Welcome to the SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge, which encourages you to share your monthly (indoor) garden/balcony updates with your fellow Steemians and create your own garden journal.


A Shoutout To Our Previous Contributors.

We've had different gardeners joining this challenge in every edition. The participants' base follows the seasons in the different parts of the world.

Last edition, we could enjoy the garden updates of

@riverflows, @cloudblade, @wakeupkitty, @kindredacres, @fmbs25, @bengy, @abitcoinskeptic, @shanibeer, @gingbabida, @enjar, @plantstoplanks, @quochuy, @gertu, @nelinoeva, @porters, @mrnightmare89 and @akumagai
I’d like to thank them all for entering this challenge, and I'd like to invite them to post a new update.

This challenge is open for everyone who is growing plants or crops - indoors or outdoors.

If you haven’t joined before, feel free to start now. The more the merrier! There are plenty of people who are enjoying to see what's going on in other people's garden, farm or balcony.


The Challenge

The rules are still the same:

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Please also include a link back to this challenge somewhere in your post.

You can include whatever you want in your post, but please remember that the pictures should be the most important aspect of your post.


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Show us how your plants, herbs, flowers, succulents or vegetables are doing. Share what you’ve been doing in your garden, on your farm or on your balcony. Don't forget to let us know if you are dealing with things like fungus, caterpillars, aphids, and - even more important - hów you’re dealing with those.

In short, tell us the story of your garden.


🏆 The Rewards

As always, all entry posts will receive a 100% upvote from my personal account.

As an extra reward, I'll be setting up a @steem-bounty in the comments section. Everyone who posts a comment that includes a link to a valid entry will get a share of that bounty.



🏆 The Winners

When this post reaches payout, I will select the two entries that I liked most.

I’ll reward the top 2 posts with a 3 SBD prize.

I won't be handing out the SBI shares anymore, since SBI appears to be frowned upon in #newsteem.

Prizes will be given out once I get the winners post up, which will be after this post has reached payout. Make sure you submit your entry before that time.


Grab That Camera

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Grab that camera and go make some awesome pics of your (indoor) garden, your balcony or wherever you are growing your plants, herbs, flowers or crops.

Show off your green thumb, or the lack of it, and create another chapter in your very own garden journal for 2019.


I'll can't wait to see your updates!

No Upvote, No Follow, No Resteem Required




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Thanks for joining again, @amberyooper

I forgot about challenge in september, but want to join this month. Here is my entry, if you don't mind

Thanks for joining, @astrizak

Better late than never, here's my post https://steemit.com/gardening/@nikv/october-garden-update

Thanks for joining, @nikv

Hello @simplymike. I'm here for my last minute entry. Hahaha! 😂


Thank you for hosting this #gardenjournal2019. It's simply amazing. 😉

Thanks for joining again, @gingbabida

Thank you for hosting. Hehehe. 😊

Here is my October journal!.... not huge things to report... but one major development!


Good to see you joining again, @bengy

Thanks, @welshstacker

Thanks, @travoved

Thanks for joining, @gertu

Fall Colors Peaking, Late October and things are still going strong.

Here is my post:


Thanks for joining, @abitcoinskeptic

a very short as well the season was very short here this season

I made it! After three months of missing the gardenjournal contest I finished my summer post.

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Welcome back, @exator. I enjoyed your update

Finally got my October garden update done now that it is November and a last minute entry but here it is:
Thanks for holding this challenge @simplymike I'm sure enjoying it!

Oh gosh @simplymike, cutting it fine with this one. Been so busy, but didn't want to NOT do a gardening post. They are more fun than all my posts. I don't feel the pressure of being a half decent writer so much - it's just garden babble!


Thanks for joining, @riverflows

Hi @simplymike thank you for another challenge. I was not able to join last month but here is my entry for October

Thanks, @pastoragus :0)

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Thanks, @cloudblade.

What is 'shop', if I may ask?

Thanks, I'll check it out




@annepink 萍萍 迎着海啸 坐着坦克 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


We still enjoy the warm autumn dsys and I am glad to show how my garden is doing now.


Thanks for the wonderful challenge!

Sorry, realized the rules, but just forgot, thanks for the reminder.

Thanks! :0)

Was mostly a peaceful and easy month. No major struggles with growing things which is always nice. I have quite a few tomatoes growing right now!


Thanks for joining again, @enjar

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Vegi great

Why do you downvote @dobartim?
Do you feel he does not publish good content?
You should stop 🛑. This is an abusive downvote...

Thanks, @vlemon.
That's a retaliation downvote.... It's sad that people don't know any better than to use downvotes to take revenge...

I´m really not a garden guy, but I really think this is one of the best contests in our community!

Thanks a lot, @diogosantos

Thank you for tagging me. I'll sure be back with my updates. 😉

Cool! Can't wait! :0)

Hi! One question: Does the entry have to be images of "now"? I have a small garden and I grow crops, but I am done with my container garden since it is already Fall and with minus temps. I can relate how I maintain my small terrace full of the crops I grow season after season.

Hi @mers
Yes, the idea of the challenge is that you report how your garden/terrace looks at the time you create your post. If you enter every month, you can really see the progress (or the backwards progress, lol).
I'm writing the winners announcement as we speak, which means this month's challenge has ended. But feel free to join one of the following months.

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mike...oh why?😥😥
I'm not included, I thought I posted my link in your previous content about this garden.


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I'm sorry, @mrnightmare89 - I only just noticed I forgot to give that post a 100% upvote last time.
I made it up by giving your more recent post about homemade coffee a 100% vote

hahaha nah, all I want is the mention. Oops sorry if I made you worried, it should be as a joke but wrong in expressing it. lol

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Hahaha, I didn't get that.
Fixed! You can consider yourself mentioned :0)

hahaha oh you fixed it. I feel so amazing now, anyway thanks mike. You really fixed it, sorry for troubling. lol

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No need to say sorry :0)

I don't understand why I can't share shade. I have 300 total of shades, @shadowspub

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@mrnightmar89, I noticed in the Discord server you were trying to give away too many. Maximum appears to be 5...

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Saludos, gracias por la mención. Claro!! allí estaré de nuevo, gracias amiga @simplymike.

No puedo esperar

I can't wait :0)

This the first time I've run into this challenge. It looks like a lot of fun.

It is actually a lot of fun to see all those gardens around the world :0)

@thebigsweed, could you drop a link to your entry post here in the comments section, please

Right now my garden is at a standstill, though I am thinking of trying to grow some winter greens outside, to see if I can get any cold weather veggies growing in the cold.

I have never really experimented with cold weather veggies. It's a bit late to get started at the moment. I may try to sow some that will overwinter and will start growing early in spring.

@simplymike, After some days we will going to shift from current place of living so we haven't done any Gardening here.

But it's always great to see that you come up with encouraging series, Resteeming it and will enjoy beautiful contributions in the comment section.

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

Thanks for the support, @chireerocks

Welcome. 🙂

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