My Entry for The Gaugan IA Contest - Week 35

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Hi there Hive World,
Hope you all having awesome day.
I am come up with #gaugan Contest by @steemean.
There was a problem with Nvidia so @steemean extend the time.
Hope My Entry will count in 35th Week. :D

My Entry for the Week


On Gaugan ArtBoard


I have tried to make a scene where I tried to show a single Tree one one side and Sea between other side of the Mountains/hills :P.
Hope I done it well :D.


It is Awesome weekly contest and I am regular participant of the Contest.
I am inviting YOU ALL to check the NVIDIA Gaugan App and try it and You will amazed by its results. And you just need to share your result and what you did on Artboard, to participate on the Contest.

Thanks for the Visit
Take care


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My dear friend, sorry for the Gaugan App, and for publishing the prize before I got you entry. :(
But it is a valid entry for next week. :)
I'm thankful for your participation and elevate the quality of Gaugan's art on Hive.
I had some problems eith the app but it always back in an hour or two. now iit was almost 3 days, in the end of the contest.