The People united, will never be defeated

in hive-148441 •  5 months ago 

You are all aware to the current situation of steem blockchain. What has happened to the community elected witnesses and how justin voted new witnesses with the help of exchanges.

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These all actions were not good for steem at all. I am observing the fight closely and how the witnesses positions are moving up and down.

However with the help of steem community and good understanding between each other, steem has gain a lot attention to the outside world. Which is good for steem.

While during all these matters happening, KuCoin exchange announced in their tweet that they will be going to list steem if it fullfills certain requirements.

This has proven that steem had gain some more popularity to the world. Outside People has reallized that steem is not a dead project.
This also proved that steem is a wonderful community that stands on one page.
I hope that with the passage of time the things will get settled.

Have a nice day.

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