Gods Unchained profits 1.8699 ETH

in godsunchained •  11 months ago 

Hello I wanted to give a quick update on some of the cards I sold on Gods Unchained. I jumped in on the hype when the Legendary genesis treasure chests where being sold I bought one chest for close to .9 ETH and a couple of other lose packs.

Well below are the cards that I have sold so far and all within the same week the market was completed I sold mostly all on Tokentrove.

TokenTrove uses the 0x protocol to buy/sell collectibles. When you list an item with TokenTrove, behind the scenes we are making a listing for you. We aren't actually touching your collectibles. This listing is then shown to all potential buyers. When a buyer decides they want to buy that listing, TokenTrove sends the listing to the 0x contract along with the buyer's information.

Looks like I am sitting 1.80699 ETH with the Golden Gate Keeper being the most valuable. If I wasn't too hasty I might of sold it for 4 X the amount I sold it the week of the Market place.

You would think after being in Crypto so long I would learn to Hold a bit longer.

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