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Reading passage:- Joshua 1:7

7.Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go."



For you to succeed according to the passage above you must be very very careful to obey God's word, no turning left or right he just want your total obedience.
You know most times we do the mistake of disobeying God and expecting him to bless God, no that's not done anywhere.

As a father or mother your child cannot do something bad and he or she expects you to buy him gifts when you buy for other siblings, even though you may do it later on, but on the condition that you've seen a change of character in him or her.

So likewise God you don't expect to be blessed by him when you disobey him, fine he is merciful father but he has to teach you some good lessons so that next time you will be knowledgeable about certain things he wants and what he doesn't.

Other versions says be courageous but GNT says be determined, that's to say if you do not make a decision to be obedient you cannot be.
Some of us when we were quit young we will vow never to do something and such that when an order is given we had already decided not to do it, so even if your father will ask you to do it, you can't just vaulter what you decided, especially if you had let it out to someone else so that it won't look as if you are feeble or that you do not have the mind to disobey, and to proof a point to your peers.

God is asking us today to make such decision but this time around on positive things, so that we get blessings in return.
May God help us to obey his words even to our last breathe, Amen.

All thanks to uncle @maxdevalue for always putting this up, God bless you and help you to obey his words totally, Amen.


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