Golden Censer´s Message January 28, 2020!/ [John 15:13]

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John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Jesus the good shepherd gave his life for us with his death on the Cross, he is our friend has given his life for us bearing the weight of our sins, with his resurrection and the breath given by the Holy Spirit expresses unconditional love that the Lord grants to man.

Following the example of Jesus must be the purpose of life of every person who is his follower. Living according to the commandments, reading and meditating with the Holy Scriptures gives us the encouragement to lead a life in friendship with God and thus be a support to help the brothers who are in need.


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God bless you abundantly.

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@felixgarciap, Jesus is our greatest friend for putting his life for us and we also need to be able to go with our friends and tell them about that great love that Jesus has for them and help them in whatever is necessary in love and obedience good

I put it, my life for my wife.😀

😃 👍