Google Trying To Babysit comment Sections - Steemit Content Could Take An SEO Hit

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Google has released data on user-generated content via comments and reviews and they're again looking to babysit what we say online or risk getting beat down the rankings. The types of comment spam google will take issue with are the following.

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1. Gibberish

Gibberish example: e.g. asdsad jksjfs sdhd

2. Irrelevant comments

Irrelevant example: e.g. Review of a movie for a gaming app

3. Solicitation

Solicitation example: e.g.Follow me on twitter @xxxx

4. Abusive language

Abusive language example: e.g.idiotic dirty morons

5. Promotions

Promotions example: e.g.Instant cash discount, register now.”

Of which there are tons of examples on steem and its various front ends since well anything goes here, which isn't that bad. While I'm all for improving user experience and the safety of users online.

I can't help but feel this is trying to babysit people and hide doxing from users finding it through search as if we're not all grown-ass people who can't take reading a few mean words on the internet.

You can read more about the research here

May the echo chambers become smaller

I feel as if Google is getting to a point where it's destroying itself trying police all of us on the internet and by all means, reduce your market share you already have far too many people using Google search.

Who is Google to say that because there is profanity or doxing on a piece of content that it isn't helpful for users? If I'm a user and I want to read up on something I'd like unfiltered access to those topics.

Governments suck big sweaty balls and we know this, are you telling me, you're going to hide my right to express my discontent because it doesn't meet your guidelines?

I'm fine with Google policing comments on its own properties like YouTube, go ahead feel free to destroy your own communities but don't hide alternative sites that people who don't want to deal with this so-called family-friendly bullshit that is actually an attack on freedom of speech.

I have no doubt that this lady doing the search means well and her intentions are poor but she's been brainwashed by the authoritarianism of Google and only pushing for more control instead of less.

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It was bad enough getting censorship on the sites but now we will have it on our searches a s well. Things are going too far. Why do they all want to control our actions?

I have no idea what the motivations could be I know for YOuTube it’s becaus they want to promote content that has the best chance of keeping advertisers happy, could be the same for search! It’s all about money ag the end of the day