Hardfork Counselling Session has begun

Here we sit and wait for the blockchain to fork and the sky to fall. Not really but it may seem that way because the blockchain is full of humans. Emotional, vocal humans as is necessary for a healthy social media platform.

The brand new folks may be wondering what the hell they have gotten themselves into. The veterans are sitting on fiat and are prepared to buy in again. Traders are looking to “sell the news” when the results are in whether positive or negative.

My strategy is to keep on keeping on. I focus energy on the things I can control. I try and be equally prepared for every crisis and opportunity I meet. I know whatever skips or bumps or issues that pop up the next couple days will be news worthy entertainment-wise but will have little to no impact on my long term plan.

So, what is on your mind? What are you closely watching? What is your short term strategy? What questions do you have?

What is your long term plan?

Let’s talk each other through this because, worst case scenario, crisis + time = humour. At least we will have something to laugh about in a bit.

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“I focus energy on the things I control”..... enough said I think. Here’s to the future, whatever it may hold for us all. Either way it’s been a blast :)

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Might as well go out with a bang! That or pick through the riches of the casualties. ;)

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Honestly, I'll just keep doing what I always have. I will be curating more often.

Humor, all right. I haven't had so much fun on Discord in ages, all of us waiting for the Earth to start turning again :0)

Short term plans, long terms plans,,, ? I really don't have any, other than sticking around to see where this is heading.

For now, I'm gonna sit back and watch the drama... it's more entertaining than watching TV.

Afterwards - once I've figured out how this so called 'newsteem' works, I'll go back to what I was doing: helping the little guys to survive here...


So, what is on your mind?

I'm at a cafe and there's a hot gal ...

What are you closely watching?

Details? Legs, butt, bosom ...

What is your short term strategy?

I'd like to say I have one. I don't. I'll probably just sit here and gawk. She's gorgeous.

What questions do you have?

Do you have any ideas on how I might revise my short-term strategy such that ... well, you know?

What is your long term plan?

I'll get back to you on that once you come up with a short-term strategy ... the former being highly dependent upon the latter.


Buy high and sell low!