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First of all, #hasil2020 has been kicked started since 25 days ago. Why would this started so damn early? That's because the month of December are usually holiday! We all wanted to have fun, so I think it will be better for us to do our closing by end of November.

Frankly speaking, the result is sort of below my expectation. So far only few person turned up, I'm putting up their names here, hopefully they see me mention them and come back to continue work their way towards their resolution.


And ofcourse, my goal that I'm supposed to achieved.

  1. To have 10000SP by November 29, 2020.
  2. To get back in shape. To attain less than 16% body fat by November 29, 2020. Benchmark to be set by January 2020 new year day!
    Workout routine started, now on day 3. Feeling energetic. I still eat rubbish and junk food, but cut down substantially, unless neccesarily
  3. Get rid of the massage chair at home, replace it with a damn thread mill machine before end of March 2020.
    Arranging with LazyMom's mother finding mover
  4. Get a new treadmill machine, be it the cheapest one, and place it on the place currently house a broken massage chair before end of April 2020!
    Have a few in mind, I don't think I want the pro series, but the cheap series will make me took things for granted. In the end few weeks later the tread mill are left there to collect dust
  5. To maintain daily 10000 steps everyday. To see if I can run on a daily basis right after I got the damn treadmill!
    Hardly attain 10k steps. But increased to around 8k from previous less than 5k.

Side note, #drugwars has always been the most time consuming activity in my day. So, I'm actually finding a way to tune the game plate down to below 1 hour. Currently is not bad, but still around an hour and a half.

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Apresiasi penuh untuk pak david dari saye

Terima kasih !tip

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Thank you for the mention. I've been wondering on how many participants that we might have on this one.

Just a suggestion for one of your goals this year. Don't get a treadmill, just go with stairs and climbing hills. It would be better and cheaper if you don't have any knee pain. If you do have knee pain, then just go with the treadmills and quadriceps strethening exercises.

Spot on the knee joints stuff. And I do climb stairs at the office, but I take the elevator down every time. I still do weekend hill hike, but coming down from the hill, I had to go sideways to avoid direct impact 😂

Stop and change to squatting and step up. It almost have the same effect but lower impact. Save the knee joints because there is no turning back once it totally injured. You've got to bear with pain and restrictions if you force through. Need to work on your squatting too. There is a different effect for different degree of squats and also the same for the technique.

Couldn't agree more. But going up hill or climbing the stairs is no big deal for me, but downhill or going down by stairs is the killer. The squat is perfectly alright to me, what I don't like is jump. Again, lifting fit and landing it will create harsh impact. And nobody want that.

My next update should be next month.


Hello @davidke20. Here is my goal for this month!


Thank you. 😊

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Mi participación

An interesting challenge, set goals and objectives to achieve @davidke20

Gracias amigo. Already voted you and send you the reward 🙂

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Saludos. Por acá estoy con mis objetivos primeros en el 2020.
Quiero saber si puedo publicar directamente con la etiqueta #hasil2020, para la próxima. Gracias.

Greetings. Here I am with my first goals in 2020.
I want to know if I can publish directly with the tag # hasil2020, for the next one. Thank you.


Received with thanks.