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Today I am doing the golden milk smoothie I got from my girlfriends Friday and I have the recipe from my steemian friend @detlev, you can read it here.


Here you read my blog with the girls.


Here the tip @Detlev gave me and got me going to make my own.


I made it just as I saw in the pictures and it was quick and easy with the magic bullit.

It was sooooooo gut, and I am so going to make this more times a week.




So to all off you this is a must.


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I am proud

As a Javaness who life in many kinds of herb we know that tumeric has many benefit for our health. in our region tumeric become herbal drink which called JAMU. Many women like itu, we often call JAMU KUNYIT ASEM

How do you make that drink, or do a blog about it like me and detlev ! If you do please tag me I am interested

OK. It is interesting to make posts about herbal drink. I will tag you when it done.

Great! And offcourse you may use our blogs as a reference to what you are going to make the links are in this blog.

Thank you for your kindness.
I hope can create the post soon

Let me know if you need help

So nice I will try !

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This was so good i made another one today