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Today I had the renewal for my first aid and AED course, both for adults and children. The municipal staff bureau had asked residents of the city last year to attend the course for free if the students would be willing to be a first responder in the area where they live. Last year i signed up. The first responder team, gets their sos via an app, because someone called 112 and either you get asked to go and get the AED or you get asked to go and start the CPR because you are the nearest first responder, all thanks to the app, who sees where you are at the moment of the call. So I signed up and this week was the refreshment course for renewal of my licence. Every year they want new certified first responders . Ambulance personell and paramedics can be in time to respond but if thats not the case, civilians will be able to help. So we were invited to do this course again in a meeting place in the city centre, not for yourself, but to help someone else, adult or child. It was at 19.00 o’clock and on my way there it was cold, rainy and foggy, but this lady had a mission. This day I would get my renewal.


All the students were adults and the oldest was 70, and I found that very nice to see because that age group is where most people get in problems. According to research from the Hartstichting In the Netherlands there are around 1.5 million people with a chronic cardiovascular disease. Every day ; 103 people die of cardiovascular disease: more women than men. About 50 men and 53 women die from a heart or vascular disease, 24 people younger than 75 die of heart or vascular disease about 700 people are admitted to hospital because of a heart or vascular disease. Figures for women and cardiovascular diseases in 2018, 19,516 women died of cardiovascular disease: around 53 a day and 1 in 4 women in the Netherlands dies of cardiovascular disease. Last year 283 women are admitted to hospital every day for cardiovascular disease, and a estimated 750,000 women with heart or vascular disease live in the Netherlands without knowing they are in jeopardy.


I had to be somewhere local in a venue with 40 other first responders from my zipocode and I recognised some ladies from last course. we first had coffee and tea and talked for a bit, before going to the big room. The paramedics who came to take the exams, first asked about our stories of last year, and if the app worked out and if you had to respond if the after help was ok. We had medical theory exams first and after that we started practising, three different situations and you were assessed on what you did and the time it took you to respond. It was a great experience but nerve wrecking too. But I know what is needed and this was just to show them i know.



I had some trouble because the three sitiuations took long and the pressure needed was a strain on my shoulder, still not fully healed, well that never will i guess be 100 %, but good enough to be of help when i am on call. And believe me the pressing on the chest is long and hard, the rhythm is from a Bee Gees song called - staying alive, and that song is the rhythm you need to get the compressions going. It were 4 hours of intensive training and ugly situations which were very grafic on a big screen. To make the people aware of the situations that were to expect when the app goes off. I found the kids training that were visible, the most difficult because you relate more to those because of your own kids at home. It was a much needed and really educational.


I got my renewal and had to sign the agreement and upload my certificate and from now on I can be called again via the special app group to be off assistence when i am needed or when there is a cardio arrest of hart failure somewhere. Its official again for a year. I know what i have to do and how to use the AED. I want to be prepared, and decided to buy my own mouth mask, just in case of trouble when i need to do mouth to mouth. I hadn’t thought about it before but its better when people have drewl or something and the paramedics use it to. So i decided to buy one to. I am ready and confident again but i hope i won’t be needed.



The was a special part for pacemakers and what to do when you have too much hair.


I left with a proud feeling, lets hope there will be a first responder when i need it myself.

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This is a very nice initiative. The figures of cardiovascular death you quote is quite frightening!!
Nice post.

I didnt know that the quotes were so high , and i want the help when i need it so this is my way to pay back to society

I left with a proud feeling, lets hope there will be a first responder when i need it myself.

Respect - unfortunately i am not able to join a course like this. I get sick by only thinking on blood, pulse, ... I tried a lot of times, because i see the need... so you can be very proud of yourself! Gratulations and !giphy thankyou

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

!giphy blood

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Blood i s the bad case indeed , i hope i wont freeze but the training is good and lets hope i wont need it ,
Have a great day

lets hope i wont need it ,

That's my hope too ;-) Have a nice week!

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Thank you that’s highly appreciated

It is very nice to train with the intention of helping others when you need it most. I worked in a medical office as a nutritional advisor a few years ago and it was a wonderful and extremely enriching experience.
Congratulations on your new achievement @brittandjosie.

Thank you for the congrats i am very proud

Congratulations, I am excited to learn, take my children to courses and I saw how they did it. It's an excellent project, you never know when you're going to need it @brittandjosie

Its needed a big hurdle and some learning but i loved it it made me proud

You are so cool. Pleased to know you, and thanks for doing this work.

That just made my monday thank you so much its highly appreciated

Great article. Congratulations.

Thank you , its needed in our society to help out where we can.