Diabetes: My Personal Journey - Can I donate blood?

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Hello Everyone. My Diabetes Awareness Month series in November ended on the 30th. During that time, I covered the topics shown at the bottom of my post for your easy reference.

Now, I'm focused on learning more about this disease. I still have numerous questions that need to be answered in order to live a healthy life.

Two weeks ago, two family members who have Type 2 Diabetes as I do asked if they could donate blood. I told them I gave blood regularly years ago when I didn't have Diabetes. But now that I do, this is a question I need answering also. I haven't donated in many years, so I told them I would research it, ask my doctor, and get back with them.

During my research the last couple days, I found out the following:

Can you donate blood if you have Diabetes?
The general answer is YES, you can. The primary restriction you have is that you must maintain your health. This is most important. Even people without Diabetes can't give blood if they are not healthy. That applies to anyone who wants to donate. But you also have other restrictions that may prevemt you from donating.

Can certain medications prevent you from donating blood? The answer is YES, they can. Especially if you take blood thinners like I do for blood pressure and heart. Others medicines may affect your ability too. So please check with your doctor to see if the medication(s) you take may prohibit you from donating.

Can certain medical conditions prevent you from donating blood?
Yes, definitely certain medical conditions can prevent you from donating blood. I thought that my having HBP would prevent me, but my doctor said normally it wouldn't. But there's a caveat. I take blood thinners for my HBP and heart, so I can't give blood for that reason.

Finding out you can donate blood is a wonderful way to give back to others in need. Our national and regional blood banks are always in need of certain types of blood. And it's a lifesaver for someone. So please, if you have any questions, consult with your doctor BEFORE giving blood.

Of course, the professionals at the blood centers will ask you questions about your health and medications before they accept you as a blood donor. Just be truthful about your condition, medications, and overall health. It will not only protect you, but the person who will receive this life-saving gift.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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Thanks for the info on Diabetes. I’m glad you are looking into it and taking care of yourself.

There are so many diseases out there that the blood bank people have to ask a lot of questions, especially after the contamination in the 80s with aids.

I knew a young man who died of aids after an transfusion of tainted blood. He was a Hemophilia and required transfusions quite often.

Yes, you are correct. so sad. you have to be very careful. But they can only go on what one tells them. I think they are more vigilant now because of it.