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Healthy living is very important. With the ongoing scare these days, it is better to be careful than regret it later on. Please read it if you feel these tips are important. It may seem as if it is told by all but it takes only a careless step to lose your sleep over it.

Tips to stay healthy

  • drink warm water if you feel you have a sore throat
  • make sure you change your clothes daily
  • hot foods like soups are better than heavy dishes
  • try to buy meat that is local instead of imported
  • Organic foods even though costlier is better than cheap foods that may be sprayed
  • buy a bottle of honey and sip it if you feel you have a sore throat(too much of honey causes constipation)
  • gargle saltwater
  • if you have not got a mask, try covering your face with a handkerchief when going out
  • Try to avoid crowded places

I hope that the scare passes away soon. Make sure you drink water and stay hydrated.

The tropics like ours are now facing extreme heat and dry weather conditions. So, be careful. Wash your eyes from time to time.

Oil massage is also good for cooling the body. Use sesame seed oil for it.

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