I've been playing doctor to save my mother.

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For three days now I've been "playing doctor" along side my siblings just to rescue my mother from the illness that struck her well being. In reality, there's no sickness that doesn't develop one or more forms of symptom or sign before becoming serious.

Few weeks back, my mom was complaining of "body pains" overwhelming her strength to we are children but we all thought it was pains due to work stress at her store. She's someone who works tirelessly, diligently and gives 15 hours of her time to her store daily. Wherein, it was in the last 48 hours the excruciating body pains developed into sometime serious.

It became so serious in the middle of the night that she was running severe temperature, vomiting and headache. This made me play the "role of a doctor" — When I say "doctor", it's a figurative saying in between. It meant along with my siblings, we took care of our mom from midnight to sunrise afterwards we visited the nearest public hospital where test carried out says the sickness troubling her was Typhoid Malaria.

I will have to admit that I was suspicious of malaria as the sickness troubling her health but I wasn't expecting a typhoid on top of it. Anyways, me and my siblings pulled resources together to fund the test and treatment she did undergo as the nurse in charge prescribed a three day treatment for her case. It was duly followed.

Also, most of my mom's finance were tied in the recent goods she bought during the weekend but I am thankful to the power of "two heads is better than one" — the way my mom's children came together to pull resources was magnificent. Atleast the hospital bill was something within our financial claws. a sigh of relieve.

Also, few family and friends has being supportive; pulling a call or two across just to wish her well. I am glad with the life she has lived so far. She's being a symbol of "Motherhood" to her people and those in the community too and the rewards of that act is yielding huge dividends as many were swift to notice her absence and show their concerns.

The update with my mom's health is improving, since the meeting with the public hospital. There's less body pains, no vomiting and headaches experienced in the last few hours. That's the least I can say for now

If you count yourself as my friend, I just need one thing from you all. I need your well wishes and prayers. Help me wish my mother a speedy recovery. Thank you.

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It is tough to be struggling with sickness. I wish her a speedy recovery.

@tipu curate

Yes it is. Thanks for the well wishes.

That's sad to hear my dear. Wishing a speedy recovery for your mother, I pray she gets well soon. Take care of yourself and the family

Thank you so much ma'am. I appreciate this 🙏🏻

I wish your mother a speedy recovery dear

Thank you zyzy 🙏🏻

I am sending all my love and prayers
💖💖💖🙏💖💖💖 and will continue to BeautyFull 💕 Please hug your Mother for me 🙏

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Thank you so much reiki love. Your well wishes and embrace will be most delivered to her 🤗

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I hope she gets well soon

She is 🙏🏻

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Sorry to miss this when it came out. I hope your mother is okay, and sending you love and strength in this difficult time.

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