Steem Hardfork 21 Countdown

in hf21 •  9 months ago 

Do you want to know when exactly the fun with #hf21 will begin?

Well, now you can:


Jump to the page I've put up in these minutes and enjoy in-the-know of the countdown to the upgrade.

Ps: I do hope that I've got the timezone right. Did I?

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Better and better

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1 day until my struggle to earn on Steemit is made 2x difficult since my post doesn't get 20 Steemit. Heck, I can't even get 1 Steem.

I feel with you. I can't make it any better or different yet ... here is my full upvote. All two cents of it.

Thx fam.

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Curious how smooth it will go with the disaster of HF20 in mind!
I do hope that they did test it better!


Me too (curious and hope).

They have said that they tested it on testnets - plural!

Let's live and see...

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