Steem-Engine A Positive in Times of Uncertainty

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I have been reading a lot of articles about the effects of HF21 and most of them appear to agree on the following: the new convergent reward curve is not good for the smaller accounts, 50/50 curation doesn't help either but downvotes free up rewards.

Now downvotes at 100% usage would free up 25% of the rewards that are now going to "bad" actors, of course the daily use of downvotes is hardly 100% so what is freed up is actually a lot less, let's say it is an arbitrary number, say 15%, and in my case I am losing at least 30% of my author rewards because of the reward curve so when payout comes I will lose at least 15% of what were my pre-HF21 rewards and that is before the 25% less curation reward, hardly something that will change my idea that this hard fork is not a rich get richer poor get poorer thing. So I have to say it looks like this HF21 will be negative for a very big number of Steemians.

But at least we do have Steem-engine and most of the votes I do get, regardless of their Steem value, seem to give me some tokens in one or several of the tribes so this is really a positive and nothing to do with HF21. So yes, I will continue posting but my expectations will probably be centered on getting as many tribe tokens as I can.

This is my Steem-Engine "portfolio" up to now, it is growing:


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That true the hard fork 21 suck and we all lose money! At least I continue to upgrade my position on tribes I believe.

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Yes, but I think most of us expected something like this, perhaps things will get better. In the meantime the tribes at least keep giving us something to look forward to.

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