Changes to the Hardfork 21 network will be upgraded to Steem-blockchain August 27, 2019

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Hello Steemians friends.

Steem-blockchain will enter a new era in increasing the Steem network in about 24 hours. I just received that important notification on the Steem platform screen. then I try to broaden my search to find out what changes have occurred after Hardfork 21 tomorrow.

Many fantastic possibilities and changes they say. @coingecko has designed a platform regarding Hardfork and a countdown screen for upgrading Hardfork 21 right on the front page.

Some promising changes for users after this, @coingecko said:

Decentralized autonomous On-chain (DAO) organizations will be introduced as a form of the Steem Proposal System (SPS). Users on the Steem blockchain will be able to submit proposals for funding and vote on funded proposals. This governance system seeks to make the Steem blockchain more inclusive.

There will be changes in the economy of the Steem prize distribution. In particular, post-payment is now a factor in the distribution of votes, this encourages stakeholders to distribute their votes to more content.

Good news for curators because the prize for curation will increase from 25% to 50%

A separate Downvote collection allows users to downvote posts and comments without affecting the strength of their voice.

I think it would be very extraordinary if it were. and hopefully this will be hope and a benchmark for everyone to continue to keep their jobs on Steem-blockchain after this. previously I had made a choice on the witness page to add @coingecko via steemconnect. This is my effort to support everyone in raising Steem towards a better direction.

For other friends who like @coingecko as a witness make your own choice. everyone has privacy and has the right to make his choice. and for those of you who want to see information about Steem prices or some other tokens you can also look at @coingecko, I left a link for you Here

And join with #coingecko so that together we count down to welcome the arrival of Hardfork21 the next day.

Thank you, Hopefully this will be useful and become better in the future.

Greetings Steem-blockchain: @littleboys-faiz

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Thank you very much for the support and witness vote!


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