Happy Hardfork Day Steemizens

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Today is the D-day of the much awaited and anticipated 21st Upgrade to the Steem Blockchain. Like in the past, this changes to the Ecosystem promises a lot of changes as Curators earn (50%) more, downvoting will not have effect on your voting power (a separate pool for downvotes created) and all witness have to switch to MIRA, that's like a trail blazer for Smart Media Tokens that we have waited for over the years.

What does it mean to average users? It means as a low-stake Steem holder, you get to earn more from curating nice articles and you won't have to feel sick when you earn nothing on your actual posts. It also means, that you could flag any hate and abusive actions towards humanity.

But, that is a form of censorship been encouraged if i must say, like Youtube and Twitter, that violates human rights of speech by seizing and blocking accounts. That is a bridge we will all cross together when get there, first i wish you all a happy Hardfork 21 day and hoping the New Steem makes much sense than the Older one.

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Hopefully, things get better after this.

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Hope is the word mate