Daily hit-parade - 2019.12.18

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Welcome to the Steem daily hit-parade.

Check what are the posts that have best performed yesterday. This is hit-parade content is based on posts created from UTC 00:00 to UTC 24:00.

Top 10 posts by number of comments

104 @johannpiberIce ... Icicles / Eis ... Eiszapfen
81 @tattoodjayWednesday Walk make me smile post A walk around Milford CT
81 @kryptodenno#115 Ich hab Bock, also...
80 @abh1234540k and the Tribes
69 @jungjunghoon(종료)[AAA이벤트 - 힘내요! 수요일] 주사위를 돌리면 최대 4000개 AAA 지급, 12/18(수) 24:00까지
59 @kadnaDie Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar oder Wozu ist der Mensch fähig?
53 @melinda010100Qurator's Monday Mission entry
52 @elikast🐞🌼 Actifit: dicembre 17 2019
46 @alexeygrigurkoф
43 @mad-runnerNon sono venuti bene, io non sono il responsabile della loro realizzazione, al massimo ...

Top 10 posts by pending payout

60.619 @stoodkevSteem Elevator Contest results
47.6 @btuniverseState Street Entering The Crypto Market
46.196 @geekgirlLetters to Jack Dorsey - Beauty of the Steem Wallet
43.883 @pradeepdee6Thimmadas to Shivanasamudra - Blend of Local influences among the franchises
43.875 @tarazkpLearn to Earn to Own
42.6 @rrusinaYear 2019
39.176 @esteemappDay 18 - Steem Advent Calendar 2019, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁
38.887 @sbdpotatoSBD Potato Day 32: Make SBD $1.00 Again!
34.629 @aggroedSteem Pitch
34.076 @goodhello[굳헬로의 사고다] #40 건강을 지키자!! 혀 건강을 지키려면 어떻게 해야 할까요??

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

1460 @steemautoSPS Proposal: Steemauto - Server costs - day 24
1410 @btuniverseState Street Entering The Crypto Market
1351 @steemengineteamAfrica, it's time to hop aboard the SteemEngine! 2019-12-18
1224 @zord189PowerHouseCreatives Contest - Class of 2019 (Contest Details)
1166 @quratorQurator's Shining Qurite #79 - @karenmckersie
1094 @craigcryptokingDULLSTROOM!
983 @lost108Dharma Initiative Meme Station #129
894 @surpassinggoogleMy 2019: Achievements and Failures - It Is Not Over Until It Is Over.
810 @steemengineteamSteemEngine Stats - 2019-12-18
801 @adsactlyADSactly Fiction: The Man in the Red Jacket

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Hey @arcange, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Cool, thanks a lot for this list @arcange 🙂