Daily hit-parade - 2020.01.26

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Welcome to the Steem daily hit-parade.

Check what are the posts that have best performed yesterday. This is hit-parade content is based on posts created from UTC 00:00 to UTC 24:00.

Top 10 posts by number of comments

214 @double-u2020 Woche 05 - Ohne Zusammenhang / Without Any Context / Deutsch / English
127 @blarchivecompress data encoded
95 @abh12345The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆
93 @kryptodenno#154 Ich hab Bock, also...
84 @beerlottoBEER-Lotto 5. Runde Next round !BEER-Lotto!
66 @jungjunghoon(종료)[AAA이벤트 - 쉼이 있는 연휴의 일요일] 주사위를 돌리면 최대 4000개 AAA 지급, 1/26(일) 24:00까지
56 @tattoodjayMore of the Fantastic Creatures at Bella Azbug Park
55 @stayoutoftherzIst Rechtschreibung "nicht mehr so wichtig"?
54 @johannpiberFrozen Things / Gefrorene Sachen
52 @dswigleBurn-ing Tonight

Top 10 posts by pending payout

58.692 @ladybug146The Maligne experience(Jasper National Park) - Canyon ice walls, tours, dinning and more...
54.534 @abitcoinskepticHow Has Steem Impacted My Life - Seoho Lake Park 2
50.214 @taskmaster4450Hard To Bet Against Steem Right Now
49.703 @ybanezkim26Kim's Quest #33: Recreational Adventures at Larry's Hill in Sierra del Oro
44.767 @osproNeoxag Token Giveaway -- Follow the instructions required to win Neoxag.
43.607 @osproWhat's up Bangali Milker
42.262 @quochuyVisiting my wife's family in Long Thanh, Vietnam
39.298 @portersHow Has Steem Impacted My Life
38.881 @donekim[VOTE] Binance.US에 스팀(STEEM)이 상장할 수 있도록 투표에 참여해주세요!
36.325 @btuniverseLocalBitcoins Suspende Cuentas en Varios Países

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

1369 @btuniverseLocalBitcoins Suspende Cuentas en Varios Países
1283 @zord189How I'm Spending Chinese New Year 2020
1256 @steemengineteamVietnam, it's time to hop aboard the SteemEngine! 2020-01-26
1022 @mxznStation
1008 @craigcryptokingRenovating And Converting A REALLY OLD Gas Braai (BBQ)
792 @steemengineteamSteemEngine Stats - 2020-01-26
760 @leighscotfordA small selection of gardens we have built. Including Gucci Chelsea garden 2014
756 @upvotebankDaily UpvoteBank Report #683 - New Free Upvote Service
754 @surpassinggoogleSarah Geronimo Buwan Live HD - Foreigner Reaction!
742 @taskmaster4450Hard To Bet Against Steem Right Now

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Thank you so much for putting these listings together and for the information, @arcange, I appreciate your service 🙂


Hey @arcange, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you so much for the mention in the #Hit-Parade @Arcange! It is always an honor to make it on your list!

Many thanks for hosting this event! I wish you a wonderful day!


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