Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

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This famous line, is from the movie, Finding Nemo. It was an incredibly fun, family movie about a little orange and white fish, who gets caught in the net of a fishing boat and ends up many miles away from his family.

The poor, little guy, ends up in a fish tank in a dentist's office. With the help of his new, aquarium bound friends, he escapes and is flushed down into the sewers. The terrified clownfish is sucked through the sewer system and eventually spit back into the ocean, where he spends the rest of the movie on a journey to find his family.

I sometimes, feel like that little fish. Life has, for me, had a way of presenting me with seemingly insurmountable challenges. I am sure, that most of us have all felt that way, from time to time. It is natural. It is also, necessary, for change. I choose, now, to look at these circumstances, as opportunities.

They are opportunities to grow, and to learn about ourselves. Through them, we can find out what we are really made of. When we find ourselves, captured in the fish net, we struggle to get free. Sometimes, we can't, and we end up trapped in our own sort of, metaphorical aquarium. For some of us, aquarium life, is not enough. We need to find a way out of that tiny space that we find ourselves caught in.

That is because, we all have great potential. We are humans, and that makes us extremely versatile. Tiny humans, are powerful beings. Look at the skyscrapers that we build. Vast and commanding cities, full of them. Take notice of our incredible technology.

Along the clownfish, Nemo's, journey, he meets a blue friend, named, Dory. Nemo and Dory lose each other in the deep, at some point and Dory searches for him. She keeps repeating the same line, to keep herself motivated. "...Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...." She repeats this to herself, until she accomplishes her goal, finding Nemo.

As people, our success has been hinged upon this concept, throughout our entire ancestry. We started, barely able to communicate complex thoughts to one another, and in 2020, we are trying to colonize other planets. We have a rocket, that flies straight up into the sky, by itself, and injects satellites into orbit. It then comes down, on an automated course, and lands itself, standing upright.

We have gone from bilinear computers (1-0-1-0-1-0 Binary format), to creating the first quantum computers to run quantum functions. Microsoft has even made claims of completing a full-stack, quantum computing solution. These machines read algorithmic code that transfers atomic information, based on three dimensions rather than two.

Instead of binary, they use subfreezing temperatures to analyze atomic information. The dimensions of which are mass, volume, and color. Incredible.

I am so, very greatful, for the changes in my life. I have not been posting as often on STEEM, but that is because I have begun writing my first novel. I do not think that this would have ever happened, without STEEM!

Though, the force that drives my new actions (as my good friend @galenkp, has reminded me), is actually me, I cannot utter this one piece of truth, enough: STEEM, and it's wonderful community has been a Godsend!

I wanted to write something on here earlier, but I was busy writing for my book. I ended up writing about 4,100 words in it today. The story-line, keeps me constantly excited to write the next piece. I'm like, McDonald's... I'm lovin it...

It's a little hard to manage my time, as it doesn't seem like there is much of it, lately. I'm sure I will get the hang of it eventually. Another thing that I read, from a pretty smart guy on here, was about perseverance.

The post talked about how, there is plenty of raw talent in the world, but what really gets us somewhere, is perseverance. I agree with this mindset, completely....

... And that is the reason, behind this post...

You see, I worry, sometimes. I worry, that I will not persevere and complete my goals, because that is a behavior that I have shown in the past. HOWEVER, what I realize (and this is the encouraging part for me,) is that, I am not the same guy as I was in the past.

Because... I am HUMAN...

Because, I am one of those powerful, adaptable little creatures, that confounds the very universe in which he lives. Because, I can learn, change and develop myself, into a new and more versatile creature each day... and because...

I'm gonna just keep swimming...

...and so are YOU!

-by Jonathan Caleb Williams @badseedalchemist

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Thank you guys. :)

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I grew up in Australia where getting chased by great white sharks is an everyday occurrence...I learned to swim really quickly as a young kid for that reason, I mean fast, and have the tenacity to keep going no matter what, even if things get in the way, or seaweed touches my leg...

Ok, so I never got chased by a great white shark...But seaweed did touch my leg and it freaked me the fuck out! But...I kept swimming...You know why? Because I was out to fucking sea and had to get to the shore and the banana Paddle Pop ice cream mum (mom) promised me...

Applying perseverance can be hard...And quitting can be easy...The key to doing one over the other is the reason you're doing the thing in the first place. The WHY. If it is compelling enough then a person will do what is required.

Get after it bro.

Hahaha... you always make us laugh!! I believed the Great White tale there, just for a moment... guess that says something about what I think about you badass Australians! Although, a banana Paddle Pop ice cream sounds pretty enticing. I have never heard of such a thing, so the allure, for me, is more in the curiosity.

I am much less curious about sharks. I'm even less curious about being chased by one. Though, stagnation is just as bad as dying, I think, so I'm gonna paddle like a motherfucker, no matter where I'm at...

:) Thanks for the comment.

Banana Paddle Pops are great. Banana icecream on a stick...What's not to like?

Yeah, you don't want to get chased by a shark...Only ends one way usually.

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Interesting read.

Thank you, I'm glad that I could spark your interest.

I used to be a cyclist competing in long distance races. The well know saying in that game is when your in hell, keep pedaling.

Wow, that is very cool. I once found a paper card on the ground, as I was walking through the small city of Coos Bay, Oregon. On one side, was a picture of a Scorpion, and on the other were some words. I'm not sure what the card was, exactly, but the words on the other side were in Spanish. They read something like this, "La vida esta la misma a manejando una bicicleta, si altas moviendo que vas a perder. Necasitas a continuar moviendo a sustenir ganando." I paraphrased, because my Spanish is imperfect, but it basically means, *"...life is the same as riding a bicycle. If you stop moving then you are going to lose. You must continue moving to stay winning."

I completely agree. All we have to do is just keep swimming every day. Then, our life will go swimmingly.