TRIGGERED: Trump Abandons NATO Summit After Video Leak

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TRIGGERED: Trump Abandons NATO Summit After Video Leak

Donald Trump is triggered and abandons the NATO summit early after a video leak of world leaders making fun of him

Are you shocked by this?

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Not gonna lie, Trudeau was just voicing what a lot of us in the north think of president Tang. If it means less Trump cultists visit Canada, I guess we'll just have to make do, somehow.

There are plenty of us down here who agree with you!

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Yeah that the whole problem. Canada has to make due with a whole lot less from the US, the presidents insistence you pay you guys fair share to NATO and get a better trade deal going.

Do you expect your neighbors to pay your bills for you to?

Trudeau and the other leftist are a complete joke. I wish we had a real president like trump in Canada. Im ready to leave this shithole and move to america. The left destroyed canada.

Let me know what you think of our healthcare system!

Healthcare along with endless amounts of Socialism will destroy canada.

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extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If you were able to think for yourself you'd know that centrally planned banking has ruined every economy on the planet over the past century and change. Grow up, grow a pair, and be responsible with your own wealth. Government policy doesn't prompt you to be stupid or smart, nor is government there to make your life better; that's your job.

Exactly, central banking and its socialist controlled nonetary policy is an unsustainable ponzi scheme.

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Your problem is you keep throwing that socialist word around like you know what it means. As a Canadian, I know that our economy here is very much capitalist and our central bank is owned by the people, meaning that they wouldn't dare pull the shenanigans that the Federal Reserve or ECB pulls on a regular basis. The difference in spending between the Liberals and Conservatives here is barely worth making noise over, and long term we are very sustainable as a nation. It's shameful that any Canadian would compare our system of government to the USA, which is essentially a sly form of 2-party fascism that ensures a third party will never hold any important government role. The USA is in a lot of ways a mafia-style enterprise that has turned planet-wide consumption into a game, and they are very efficient at it. It's not sustainable forever, but it works for now. Just please, actually study Canadian politics before spouting socialist rhetoric. We're not socialist, we're socially liberal and fiscally conservative. That is what defines Canada on the world stage, and why a country of only 37 million people is part of the G7. Once the Queen dies we will likely become a republic, as will Australia, but it likely won't change the soul of the Country. The very crowd in Canada that hate universal health care would have died of old age already if they had to pay for their own healthcare instead of smokers and boozaholics that pay for a majority of it. What, didn't know that? I mean, it makes sense given they're the largest beneficiary of expensive health coverage.

But calling Canada socialist... that's pure propaganda. The US Government is more socialist in its structure than Canada's, and the guy sitting in the White House right now has benefited greatly from it. Tax payers have paid the tab for his bankrupties, and now they pay the tab for his businesses. He's the biggest socialist there every was, just look at his spending since taking office.

just please, stop spouting nonsense and think for yourself. It's our birthright as Canadians to live as we please and work together, not get caught up in divisive rhetoric of American Media. My ancestors fled the USA two centuries ago because its been ruled by the Puritans (now known as the Fellowship I think) for centuries, and knew that one day the US would implode in on itself (their words, not mine), and now we're seeing it unfold in real time. Why anyone would choose that over Canada is beyond me, but good luck with it.

You have been completely brainwashed by Canadian leftist propaganda. The bank of Canada operates exactly like the fed except the canadian government borrows indirectly through banks at a much higher intrest rate. Canada has one of the most unsustainable economies in modern history with huge amounts of stimulus/QE starting in 2008. They have an enormous socialist government that will stifle its economy, half of ontario works for the government which is paid for by its printing press. 4.1 trillion in unfunded liabilities and an economy completely dependent on its housing bubble which has peaked. Both parties are socialists and will continue to propel its debt until it collapses. Chroni capitalism is a form of socialism which has enabled the fiat central banking scheme to grow in to debt basex tyranny.

The left believes that the human race is a horde of vermin whose unconstrained aspirations and appetites endanger the natural order, and that tyrannical measures are necessary to constrain humanity

We must reject antihumanism and embrace instead an ethic based on faith in the human capacity for creativity and invention.We must believe in freedom and not regimentation, in progress and not stasis, in love rather than hate, in life rather than death, in hope rather than despair.

Still #Winning. If you think Trump is Triggered, just take a look at the Democrats. They're setting themselves on fire hoping to burn Trump down.

At least they can speak a coherent sentence and know when it’s a good time to stay off social media.

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Democrats prefer to make themselves out a laughing stock on live television, up close and personal.

Wow. Not shocked given Trump's track record.

Trump should pull the US out of NATO. Personally, I'm tired of funding it.

The USA needs NATO to continue being so influential in the world. Without them they will be much less influential with a big army, similar to Russia.

What a moron...

Osama.. your writing style is amazing,

What was your favorite line.

Thanks for your response... Uper hedar is amazing ...

I wouldn't have stuck around either, he got his message across. Pay up, America isn't your personal money account anymore. The only deals Trumps making is on getting the scoundrels to pay for their prior past deals, there's no need to stick around and rub elbows over that.

Funding the system

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