PROMOTING #steem In Numerous WhatsApp Groups| #letspushsteem

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Hello Guys !

I'm back here with another video for you all and this is gonna be a really interesting one for sure !

I made a video previously too with the exact same motto as this one but it was having a different medium which was Telegram.

And as I promised I will be doing this at a regular basis or at some frequency with different medium :)

So here I am with the second take of #letspushsteem !!

In this one I've used Whatsapp as the way to gather attention of people and for the purpose I recorded a short video with some catchy lines regarding STEEM and I hope people would find it interesting :)

I too would request you guys too, to do take some similar action in whatever way you wanna be helping to increase STEEM's visibility to any extent :)

Do Share this video guys :)

I'll be back with another video soon :)

Thanks For STopping By :)


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Awesome. We need this, and we need to be out there spreading the word about Steemit.


Boom ! I'm glad you liked my efforts, would love to see more people contributing in the same direction so all the efforts sum up and result into something effective :)

Thanks for subscribing mate :) ( Low on subs at the moment.. lol )

Also shared this video on Twitter for a bit more visibility :) Please RETWEET :)

Great job bro. Keep it up.

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Thanks buddy !

#steem oN !

That's nice

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Thanks buddy !

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