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We know users won't take a step back in the name of "decentralization."

As a new technology, you not only need to be as good as the competition, you need to be better, way better.

This is why 3speak will be offering unrivaled industry-leading features that will transform a content creator into a monetizable social media platform.

The future of social media certainly isn't begging legacy Web 2.0 sites to no demonetize/ban you.

The future of social media is YOU, literally.

YOUtube lost this vision, but to their dismay, they did not have the technology to decentralize as we do today.

Web 3.0 is just a seedling right now, but it's fucking exciting!

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You guys created an awesome project! Anything I can do to help, just holla! 😎💯

Cheers! Your help on outside socials like Twitter has been appreciated.

3Speak is quite exciting and honestly say it's better than youtube at it's early age. I watch many videos here and it's working very smoothly.

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Thank you for the feedback. We has many more features to release, we are very excited to share them asap!

Dan I’ll love to join 3Speak, I don’t want experience shadow banning or of any sort from YouTube.

We’re fortunate to be here enjoying decentralized video platform such as 3Speak.

Yes! We call you Dan!

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Exactly as you said it man. The perfect time to build a name and a reputation...

If only everyone could understand how important that is

Hello Dan!

Great video again!

I'm passionate about being on #steem. I has become a part of my online home. It's like my irl office where I enjoy spending time, learning new things, letting the being amazed happen to me, and work too of course. It really is my favorite room. In my day job I often have to handle arguments and they're mostly constructive and I enjoy the discourse because it's all about great opportunities to learn something new.

Tbh I'm overwhelmed by the seemingly endless possibilities in #steem and especially the token space, that is constantly evolving and extending, straight up baffles me! A thing that's bothering me though a lot lately is the downvotes. I have to admit to me it's more a matter of frustration with how this happens, mostly by bot accounts or even some people "on a mission" to police content and comments of steemians that for instance use SBI or other voting circles. it's irrational I know, those downvotes have no really deep impact but when a post of mine that gets maybe 30, 50, 100 or even 200 upvotes (Yes, this sometimes happens and I love it!) those 4 to sometimes 6 downvotes started bothering me.

I'm not even bothered by the fact that these non posting accounts leave no possibility for retaliation, because I think this is really weak to go all eye for an eye on this, but this organizing "resistance" against SBI for instance made me question the whole downvoting policies as a whole.

I don't think that downvotes are good for #steem. The after HF21 era has clearly shown that the use of downvotes has lead to frustrations with many #steem users. Imo it is toxic to #steem to not make users pay for downvotes. I would even go further to say that upvotes and comments should be enough to express either agreement and liking of content and comments or not.

But I tend to accept this as an - to me at least - anomaly in here but I'm afraid that this frustrates fellow steemians so much that they even think of closing shop. I guess it's even worse for new users.

Dan, could you please give an feedback to if you see upvoting circles like SBI as an abuse of the pool like bid bots and upvoting services were?

If you think that SBI is questionable were do we draw a line?

Isn't it Ok anymore that befriended accounts upvote their content mutually?

Aren't there more important misuses of #steem's pool than this like the still ongoing self-upvoting of some of the bigger accounts even for example.


I believe projects like SBI will greatly benefit from communities and SMTs. The Steem you get from curation rewards, no one can take that out of your account. You can always back an SMT with liquid Steem from CR rewards. That is just one possibility.

Steem downvotes are actually a very necessary part of Steem to curb abuse as much as possible. Steem is not only a bandwidth token but a governance token as well. This type of token is best spread among new users far and wide.

I think of Steem as version 1.0 - with SMT/Communities being 2.0


@theycallmedan, Most dangerous Virus is Ignorance. If we closely and open mindedly observe the picture of this world then we will going to see that it's not good, because of Overly Controlling Methods and Domination.

That's why we need Spaces which value Human Beings first and after that anything else. And in my opinion now only Decentralised Structure is the Solution. Stay blessed.

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Vividly explained, our vision on technology and how we want it to be in future clearly defines it. Of course, like you said, "It is we who define technology." Many thanks for the video!

Burn to promote!
Totaly agree and its been broken for so long.
Realy hope that it will change asap. Please do something if you can.

I'm runing some montly stats on steem burt and post about it. The numbers will go up a lot if we have the right burn to promote.

I think to burn to promote is the future. Capture advertising via the token to create a bullish sink for the token economy. Every user is a potential advertiser. We see the demand for trending space as users still use bid bots despite being downvoted. I have seemed multiple users ask how they can promote their posts. @Steempeak team has done a great job with their implementation and I think it should be a standard for steemit as well.

Great video. Thanks for mentioning me. There is a lot of motivation in this video. That's really great. I think every single steemian should hear this. I still think that the idea of delegating to existing steemians will be great. We can do even better than nathanmars and really make the change. I will write about that in @steemdelegator very soon.

I think creating interviews is also great. If more steemians will do their best to interview more people from social media, just like I did with @cryptofinally and like @coruscate and @kingscrown are doing, that will be just awesome.

Also, I think that steemians should take steem more seriously and don't just consider it as a source of income or a social media, but a blockchain that can really change the world and it's already changing. Let's take an example from those people who are from poor countries, for them a few dollars earned from a post could be like a life saving. Especially with no fees and fast transactions, it's the best money that we can have.

You're doing great work clix, thanks for your input.

the future is gonna be interesting for all the content creators where they can express freely and this is a big step forward already

wow. i have to @theycallmedan i did not think you are creating this valuable of content.

Making videos is your speciality id say, you sound cool and calm and liike you know what you are speaking of. I am seeing you on my Steemit feed alot, Thank you for what you are doing for steem.

Lovely video..i love 3speak .. I've joined 3speak new. Please support me, dear @theycallmedan

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This is so interesting!

Congratulations @theycallmedan!
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I find this project very intriguing. The folks using 3speak are providing much needed info that I find fascinating and very important. Thank you for doing the work.

This is exciting times in Crypto and this is a Fantastic project, thank you Dan for your contributions to crypto community!!

Hi. The technology is advancing vertiginously and this will allow a real and profound change in social networks, what is being done here is unique. Thanks @theycallmedan.

Hey Dan! May I say Hi Dan and Gaby! It's Dan and Gaby also! Was so good meeting and hanging out with you at steemfest. It was a lot of fun. I was even able to break through that poker face for a brief moment ;) hahaha.

Are you back in Mexico? How are things?

I'm really impressed with the 3speak project. I really want to start creating some good content for your platform, but it's so difficult! I mean the sun is shining, I'm looking out of over the pool and beach, and the full moon party is tonight here in Koh Phagnan Thailand! Shame on me! Where are my priorities! lol

However I created some more filthy yet delicious food porn posts! YUM hahaha

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello!

Hope you and Gaby are doing well!

-Dan and Gaby

I've been away from Steem for quite awhile. Very impressed with 3speak. Very informative content thecallmedan. Whose behind 3speak? Thanks again for great content. Good to be back on steam!!