Red or Scarlet Dragonfly

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I don't see very often dragonflies and when I do I usually fail to make decent picture. Some days ago I was lucky to see red dragonfly. It was outside the office and I was at the right time. The critter decided to stop flying and to me that was the rare chance to snap few shots with the phone and these two are farely good.



The Red dragonfly is also called Red-veined darter or nomad. The red veins on the wings are not so well displayed on my photos, but that is where the name comes from. This one is a male with red abdomen, while the female has yellow abdomen and yellow veins on the wings. You can see well the yellow base of the hind wings.

Now, keep on reading about the red dragonfly I found that it is very similar to the scarlet dragonfly and I am not sure if I saw actually scarlet dragonfly instead. Hard to tell, but if anyone can help, it would be great.

So what is it - red or scarlet dragonfly?


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Impressive shots, the color of this dragonfly is just great! Thank you for sharing them.

Thank you for stopping by. Glad you like my photos.

A super photo! I have never been able to get so close.

Thank you my friend. Again I was lucky. Hope to see the creature again.

With pleasure!

Without any doubt, it's a Crocothemis erythraea male, commonly known as Scarlet Dragonfly ;)


Thank you for helping me to identify it correctly. 👍
I have my doubts as I saw no red veins on the wings.

Oh! This one is a real beauty!! Quite big too!! You attract butterflies and many insects!!


Worse is when the mosquitoes are attracted too. I am not a fan of them. 😀

Oh! No! You have mosquitoes in your country?! I thought it was too cold for them!! I don’t like these either!!

Take care!

We have very hot summer amd right now we have the hottest days - temperature reaches 36°C.

Really beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Thank you, glad you like them 😀

I love to see them around

Wow the same color as a red dragon.

It is a little red dragon 😀

I see this in my are!

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