The Demand For More Sports Content On Sportstalksocial.


Sportstalk is increasing by the day when it comes to users, I mean users who writes good and quality Sports content in the midst of the numerous actifit post making waves here. Well, we still have a lot to learn from this synergy. Moreso is the introduction of Rabona with it's many prospect, there are rumours saying it's coming in by December or January. The truth is, there is no time that a sportstalk related project comes on board and won't be a hit here. We already have all the resources and experience to onboard them all.

But one thing seems to be lacking on Sportstalk these days, which is the lack of good and quality content in some sports field. They are even under the subtags when you see it.

With the last tag being #actifit

We all know we already have more than enough actifit post here. But none of some Sports fields and game. Not even a content has ever come up under them.

If you check the #baseball tag, you'll find out that it's been 9 days since a content was written in regard to that.

It's being 26 days since a post on #combat was written.

There are so many subtags under #sports but no single post has been written under them or it's been long since someone dropped a content on it.

If we want sportstalk to be a home for all and a go-to for any sports related articles, we have to bring in more content producer here and many people from diverse walks of life because some sports and games are peculiar to a region.

Cricket is not common in Nigeria, neither is rugby, but I've come to noticed the game is a big deal in the middle east.

Possible Way Out

  1. Advertise sportstalk on all other social media, we can make it a contest or a month challenge. I bet it with you that we already have a market for this since the inception of the covid-19. Making many sports lover to stay behind there gadget to watch a match that they would have being there in flesh and blood. In addition to this is there readiness to have a platfrom where there can share there passion in any games they want. Now the big deal, earn a token as you share your experience. Who can resist that.

  2. Make a Contest on Hive, demanding post to be written in a particular field to fill in the blank.

  3. Have a sportstalk crypto-inclined ambassador who has large followers on either Twitter, instagram and facebook and can command a large presence to sports.

There are still more and more way out of this that we can work on to make sportstalksocial not only great but become the best Sport platfrom ever.

You are also free to drop a comment too.

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