Today Real Madrid mourns the passing away of their former president Lorenzo Sanz, who dedicated a large part of his life with a passion to the club was announced dead.
The former president dies at the age of 76years days after being admitted into the hospital with several ill-health but was later confirmed dead after contracting the disease called Coronavirus, this was confirmed after Lorenzo's son Fernando Sanz.

On his twitter handle, he said "We've finished speaking to the doctor & the news isn't good at all.
Respiratory failure + also has renal failure due to serious infection. We have to wait 24 hours but, due to his age, it's complicated. The worst thing is not being alongside him."

"My father just died he did not deserve this ending in this way," Fernando Sabnz wrote on twitter. "one of the kindest, bravest, and hardworking people I've ever seen is leaving."

Lorenzo Sanz was Real Madrid president from 1995 to 2000, the board of directors of the club wishes to express their regret over the passing of their former president, and wishes to convey its condolences to the entire family over their loss.

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