Michael Jordan's comments reveal he refused to play with Isiah Thomas on the Dream Team


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When MJ said in the last dance that he didn't have any specific involvement in blocking Isaiah Thomas from being on the legendary Dream Team. Well audio has surface from an old interview in which MJ says straight up he told 1992 Olympics election committee member Rod Thorn he's out of it if Thomas makes the team.

Here's the quote from Jack McCollum's the dream team tapes he said

“Rob thorn called me I said rod I won't play if Isaiah Thomas is on the team he assured me he said you know what Chuck Charles Barkley doesn't want Isaiah so Isaiah is not going to be part of the team I realized that's a lot to digest”

Look it doesn't make him look good from a kind of ethical point of view if he's denying something that he in fact said and he's doing it to look good publicly. When in fact he knows the truth would make him look bad publicly that's the case it makes him look bad in that respect.

But I gotta say it makes him look like a boss, guys I mean how can you be the biggest baddest gangster Al Capone or or you know Scarface or someone and you're Keyser Soze and you're doing it from the shadows like how are you both things.

You know someone the Stephen A brings up on the show all the time LeBron James wants to control the narrative he talks about that a lot control the narrative control the narrative. Kobe Bryant you know rest in peace was I dealt with Kobe a bit in LA and he was masterful the way he talked to the media and the way he could kind of get his message out there through the media deftly make you understand that in fact what was in his best interest was also the team's best interest.

And you can even see when when the media would work for LeBron or Kobe I bring those two up because those were really smart guys and the best players in the game post Jordan the best wing players right post Jordan Jordan to me doesn't have the same kind of reputation for manipulating or controlling the narrative and yet that's what he's kind of doing here right if he's if he's getting other people to say publicly at least that he's claiming he never that and to present the other side of the story and then it comes out no actually there's audio.

Source and Reference : Max Kellerman of ESPN's FIRST TAKE

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