Nico Mannion could be the best available for the Lakers at 29th pick?

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The Los Angeles Lakers now they do have their first-round pick which right now would be the 29th overall pick. So before I get into their potential targets or look at the guys that they have drafted with their last five first-round picks. Of course you have Mo Wagner now with the Washington Wizards was the 25th overall pick back in 2018 Lonzo ball now traded to the New Orleans pelicans the number two pick back in 2017. Then in that same draft they traded for Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart which I wanted to include because they were both first-round picks.

And then of course Brandon Ingram another part of that Anthony Davis trade was another number two overall pick back in 2016 and now they're gonna be picking at number 29 overall so we're gonna talk about those targets here.

Let's get into our first draft prospect this one coming from Arizona Nico Mannion now the red bump obviously you can see why his draft stock is kind of fluctuated a little bit since he has entered the NCAA. and obviously without March Madness he doesn't get to prove himself there but he is a super talented kid he's got a tight handle and a quick first step.

I really like how he can create for himself in space and he can create for others now his upside is a little bit questionable and his jump shot didn't look that great at Arizona so I do have some question marks about Nico Mannie and also he's a little bit turnover prone because he likes to be a little bit flashy but when you have the 29th overall pick this is a guy you should take a risk on.

This year in Arizona he averaged thirteen point nine points per game and five-and-a-half assists to go along with 2.6 rebounds he's a six foot three guard he can rebound pretty well for his size but he does have a pretty limited reach . Now the three-point percentage is a little bit questionable 33.1% I'd like to see that go up but he's good at scoring at the rim and good at scoring from mid-range the main thing Nico Mannion would do would be a new playmaker on the Lakers bench.

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