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Recently Manchester united discovered a foul play on their cyber system. Before they could do something about it the criminals were already in control of their whole systems. Rendering them useless, it baffles me how one of the world’s biggest club could be under a cyber-attack, if this could be possible then even me I am not save at my own little corner.

Why on earth will those criminals even attack the club? For me I think it is nothing to do with money but they just want to spoil the face of the club by exposing some secrets about the club. Please let the national cyber security center come into this matter and save the club.

With this, clubs should make sure to do everything possible to strengthen their cyber systems to avoid this in the future. It is a very embarrassing situation for the club. No body yet even have a clue of what they want. I remember when secrete information was leaked via Manchester’s city emails, they were giving a fine of 9 million pounds for disobeying a financial fair and also was awarded a two-year champions league ban, they were lucky enough it was later overturned.

The fact is that even if they demand a ransom and it was giving to them the club won’t be guaranteed the power to have access to their computer or files. Sporting bodies should look out were they should improve their cyber security.

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You would think these professional sports organizations would put some of that big money they hand out to players into their IT infrastructure and especially security. It is not like they are some small business that has to choose between paying the light bill and buying a new firewall appliance.

wow!!! so you are implying that they won't want to spend on something so significant and important to them? if that is really bad. it will pave way for these criminals to hack them down more and more. it pains me most that its happening to my club. please the sports organizations should look into the matter else this guys will leave completely from disturbing the banks and face them.