If you're not Participating in SportingMemories, you're wrong

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Many people out there are still underrating the @SportstalkSocial community even with the rising prices. Some people say it has no depth. But it will shock many to see SPORTS again trade against 0.1 HIVE sooner that expected. Indeed, November will be another bullish month for the SPORTS token as we'll be hitting another ATH record of 0.001 HIVE per token price.

However, you do not need to risk your HIVE to purchase SPORTS a s you are not sue of its future but those who see the future would continue stacking the coins till they are all finished in the market. #SportsTalk contents are now curated in @Ocd community incubation programme over the last few weeks and there has been a tremendous development in the community with respect to content creation.


@Cryptoandcoffee took up the OCD moderation task and he's doing just fine. He creates themes for users to create contents related to sports that would win OCD curation. In the last week, I participated in the #sportingmemories writing prompt and it was an awesome experience. Earning as much as $10 in my sports post has never been before now. Thanks to the growth in the community.


Above is a screenshot of the upvote statistics from Hivestats and it's quite encouraging to continue participating. We simply need more contents created via the https://www.sportstalksocial.com/ frontend to promote the community.

Active users have grown in the coimmunity over the last few weeks, yet, we're still heading for the target 2,00 users daily. You that is yet to make your first post in the Sportstalksocial community is delaying us from reaching that goal. Start creating your sporting memories and other original and quality sports contents. Follow Cryptoandcoffee to get updates and follow this account so you can see my bounties in SPORTS for new posters.

All we need to take things to the next level on Hive is to grow the numbers, number so users. As users grow, the value of our tokens and HIVE would also grow. Never wish you had earned some SPORTS now when in the future SPORTS bulls. Start creating quality #sportstalk contents today and enjoy the HIVE and SPORTS curation on your blog.

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I thought it's just a week things and it's gone after the #sportingsinjuries tag came out.

Ok, maybe I'll write another sport memories then.