Soccer: Beyond the play to Nation Building and Purposeful living

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The memories of the 2018 sports activities organized by the Youth wing of my church during an annual Youth conference still lingers in my heart. I can vividly remember that it was a difficult thing to have the leadership of the church come to terms with the Youth Department to allow us play football during our yearly conferences. After much persuasion by the youth leaders, it was agreed on the premise that everything would end peacefully.

After the first year of the competition, all who witnessed the matches saw the bond that emanated in the heart and looks of all the young people who participated actively and as spectators. A great African leader that once lived - Nelson Mandela said these:

Sports has the power to inspire and unite people. In Africa, football enjoys great popularity and has a particular place in the hearts of the people.

Soccer is one of the most unifying activity amongst us.

The famous "unity" quotes and these quotes are linked to sports and particularly, football and as our American friends would call it - Soccer. Football is a game that brings people together, especially among the young folks. Over the years, football has been perceived to have the power to bind and unite Communities, organizations and even families together.

Starting from the teams,football is never played by a single individual. Eleven (11) players have to agree to work together before a team is complete. These 11 would certainly not be siblings. Defying religious, ethnic barriers, they come together and show their readiness to contribute their skills to win a match that everyone in the team would share the glory despite who scored and who saved a goal.


A cursory look at what happens during World Cups is something amazing to reflect. Can you remember the hugs among players with different skin colours as well as exchange of Jerseys? How about who sign autographs on the shirts of other players and fans? Fans who travel with their teams have the opportunity to taste and have a feel of other nation's food and culture. What a come together!

Despite the political tussles in nations like we have in mine - Nigeria, we see everyone united to pray for the National Team (Super Eagles) to win the matches. Even on pulpits, some preachers use the soccer tournaments to explain scriptural teachings.

Aiming for the Goal

"Aim your Goal" is the tag of my charity programm which would feature the distribution of @Sportstalksocial exercise books to pupils and students in States in Nigeria. The design of the book cover is not yet done. I wish to use the materials to encourage the pupils and students that they can succeed if only they focus on their Goal.


We know how large the football pitch can be, yet, in all that is done, everyone aims for the goal. It thus takes resilience and focus to be able send the "ball" into the goal post. Any life lives without a keen focus on goal can only end in shambles.

The lessons we can derive from sports and particularly, soccer are enormous. From unity to actualization of purpose are things to reflect upon each time you're a partaker or spectator.

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