10 Million SPORTS tokens staked - More Value for Quality blogs


It is exciting to Scale through the ranks of curators on the Hive Blockchain. Getting to the orca or whale level could seem quite a hard nut to crack on the main chain. I decided to go for the Tribes and for me it was a great decision.

Yesterday, I successfully surpassed a personal stake of 10 million SPORTS, a side-chain token run by @sportstalksocial. This made me rise in the richlist rank to the top 15 positions. It's no mean feat as it coincided with the day I attained the 10k stake milestone on the Leofinance tribe.

Powerup of 51k SPORTS to reach the 10 million SPORTS stake mark.

SPORTS was my first choice Hive-engine token for investment. Having reached the 10 million tokens stake mark, it's crucial to look forward to reaching 20 million tokens stake. It is possible!

My interest in SPORTS token is the potential it has to power the very popular and hugely sought-for sports contents in the internet space. I am believing that soon as many sports organisations would see the need to use SPORTS to reward their fans, SPORTS would find more relevance in the cryptocurrency market and that would mean a pump in price.

I am still hoping to see SPORTS token worth $0.01 soonest. Feel free to make some quality #sportstalk post and share the link in the comments section of this post for huge curation.

It can only get better.

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This is good for token price

This is pretty huge, man.
Do people earn pretty decent rewards from these communities?

Congratulations to you sir @uyobong

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