Gareth Bale: The Team Saver

in hive-101690 •  3 months ago 

How it really feel when you were saved from something, the joy within, that is how Tottenham Hotspur will be feeling right now after their match with Brighton. I actually missed watching the live match but i was able to watch the highlight and it was really a great match. Kane opened the floor with a goal at around 13 minutes through a penalty after Adam lallana foul. As the match was going, lamptey returned the goal at around 56minutes.

When a change will want to occur, nothing can stop it, Bale turn the game around by scoring his first goal in Spur around 73 minutes. This change really make Mourinho decision of bringing him back home after leaving to Real Madrid not to be a bad idea. lot of jubilations and things turning out for goods. More wins to the team

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