My Digital Drawing | Pixelart –Magic -Contest # 10

Greetings dear community, This is my participation in the Pixelart drawing contest # 10 whose theme Magic promoted by @kristyglas from the new Pixelart community. This design was made with the Gimp program.


My Digital Drawing | Pixelart –Magic -Contest # 10

This is the proces:







This is the image obtained


Image Reference source

To participate in the contest these are the bases contest

In the Pixelart community you can also choose a theme to draw according to the list for the month of September. Here I leave it for you.


Thanks for reading my post. See you in the next post.


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Hello @cetb2008,

Wow! The classic scene of sawing the lady, although I do not recall seeing an autonomous magic wand in this type of event at those shows.

Much success in the contest.

Greetings friend, thanks for commenting and evaluating my publication

You're welcome, my friend.

Have a great day.

👋 Hi @cetb2008, I was flipping through the blockchain and stumbled on your work! You've been upvoted by Sketchbook / a community for design and creativity. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

Join the Sketchbook Community

Greetings friend, a lot of grace soon I will publish in your community

I really enjoyed the result, it reminds me of one of those games with graphics in few bits, funny, simple, with humor... It's really a job that I liked very much.

Greetings friend that you liked it, thank you very much for commenting and supporting my pixelart.