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Good day to everyone out there !
@Qurator had just initiated a new photo quest and as always I'm most eager to participate. To know more about it, check out the post HERE

For this week's entry, it's all about MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY.


And for that, I'll like to share this beautiful shot of a yellow orchid which has been blooming well in the garden outside my apartment block. Since I've been on social distancing and practicing self-quarantine, the garden within my apartment block is pretty much the farthest I've been too during this period.

At least some beauty to appreciate during these gloomy period.

The rules are very simple.
i. Follow the weekly themes.
ii. Only photography-related post.
iii. Must use #qurator tag.
iv. Mention the Photo Quest competition in the post title or somewhere in the post.
v. Post the link as a comment in the original post.

Deadline: 12 hours before this post reaches payout

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Pretty Angel and wonderful pic results, used DSLR camera or phone?

Just my Huawei phone..
Haven't reached the advanced level of handling a camera yet 😁