German Road Trip. Part 6. The Institute of Anatomy. Berlin, September 2020

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The Institute of Anatomy opened in the American sector of Berlin in 1949, and this facility closed in 2005 after the Freie Universität and Humboldt-Universität's medical faculties merged and the institute was relocated to Mitte. The building itself was constructed in 1929.

The site has been acquired by Aldi but the chain’s plan to build a shopping center seemed to have run into difficulties with the district office.




It was one of those dodge the workmen days they seemed to be on site, boring the ground and undertaking what seemed to be other investigations. I had come to access the basement which contains the morgue and work tables, but these plans were kicked into the tall grass, as I couldn’t find the buggers, due to said workmen scurrying about like little ants, in fact I only managed to access one of the buildings, still it was a good mooch.

Nonchalantly sitting on the wall looking at the passing traffic in a very upmarket residential area, then rolling backwards and scrambling under some Harras fencing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s fun. Having to keep eyes wide open look at the sneaky razor wire in the undergrowth, that’s a new one!





More big open spaces, I did start off treading carefully as most of the floors were covered in broken glass and other debris, but got bored and threw caution to the wind, highly unlikely they would hear me over their generators.






Lots of labs off the corridors, visited by the vandals hell bent on wanton destruction.



The stairs led to nowhere in particular


Some nice bits of treasure









My “fuck me”! Moment, I had found the lecture theatre and dissection theatre.




I got lost at this point, glad I did another “fuck me”! Moment.


Eventually worked out where I was. Are my orbs bigger than your orbs?


That’s the thing with these big old places easy to get lost, lots of open space. A common theme throughout my road trip, but hey! It’s not all about finding granny’s old knickers.

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Very colourful, herras tend to lift up... better if you have a buddy lifting it for you. A quick roll and your in.. unless it's pissing down and then you have the added benefit of being mud covered.

Haven't seen the razor wire combo on that fencing before, though it's quite common over here.

Dizzy has his uses then !!!

Oh yes, on more than one occasion he has saved me from gruesome death. We tend to scale fences a little too tall at times, and when your my age.. it ain't pretty!

😂, you are but a mere youth !