German Road Trip Part 7. The Winterquartier of the Staatszirkus der DDR. ( the winter quarters of the East German State Circus). September 2020

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The Winterquartier of the Staatszirkus der DDR at Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten was in existence between 1963 and the mid 1990’s when the largest portion was torn down to make way for a garden center, and a small housing estate.

Today only the ruins of an old Villa, the concrete shell of a training building and what seems like a housing unit survive.

Originally the complex consisted of multiple housing units, a canteen, stables (which housed the giraffes, horses, elephants and all the other animals), workshops as well as offices for part of the circus administration.

The whole wintering ground now covered over 27 acres and was the largest and most modern in all of Europe, the circus employees were payed a full salary during the winter break (from November until March), received free housing and food all year around.


Ignoring the opportunity to visit a fully functioning garden centre and skirting my way past the very sassy housing estate I ended up on the original 19th C horse race track, still used recreationally by the locals; a small bashed down fence proved no obstacle.

Oh! Hello, what are you doing here?

Fully functioning too!

Smile, say cheese


Seems a bit over the top, for what is left






The Villa, is seriously crumbling, fire damaged and not long surely before it totally collapses






Some great decorative pieces that must have been stunning back in the day.





Stepping gingerly through copious amounts of horse shit on the floor of the former building through up yet mote great art work.





Just a shame these guys leave their empty cans about



So wave to the camera on the way out
Good manners cost nothing
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Must have looked nice in its day. The ceilings would have been good pieces of architecture.

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😂,no I survived.