German Road Trip: still in juterbog, former GDR, Altes Lager September 2020

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In 1870 the Prussian army bought a parcel of land near to juterbog to construct a military camp This site was called ‘Lager 1’, but with the building of a second camp the name Altes Lager’ (old site) was given

Post Franco-Prussian War some 9000 french prisoners of war were used as forced labor to expand the camp.

By 1934, Jüterbog’s military areas comprised the biggest troop-training center in Germany. And the expansion continued.

Inhabitants of neighboring villages had to leave as the total military site was extended to more than 27,000 acres.


Source -1, Source -2

Now there is not much left,buildings have been demolished to make way for bigfuckoff windmills. Still I guess it makes the socks and sandals brigade happy.

A nice quiet stroll through what is left.




A nice little guard hut




Some lovely bricks and a blight on the landscape




What was left standing had some nice treasure inside














What looks like possibly part of a radar system?



There was part of a recreational area, with ornate flower pots and a fountain,outside what must have been a theatre of sorts




Further along an outdoor pool for all them pesky riskiest to relax around






Making my way put a strange little hut, complete with long johns!









So that’s it that’s all time to get back to the car and move on thank you Altes Lager

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Edit: Thank you for adding the sources.

I have worked hard to get @grindle on HIVE, and this will just drive him off. He sent me a DM this morning, explaining that he's in touch with these historical sites and has already asked for permission to use their material to bolster his own work (which is authentic and yes, he was given permission).

He's also taking about leaving HIVE now and powering down. I know you guys are out there to rid the real plagiarists but we can ill afford to lose decent writers like @grindle. If it's just the indents and attributions that is needed then I have that in hand.

Besides, those and the one old photograph, the rest of it is his own work.


Oh dear I forgot to put the fucking indents

Just have to be careful to give attribution to keep these guys off your back. They are trying to keep Hive 'clean', but their boilerplate responses can seem threatening to those who just slipped up. I think your posts are great and will continue to support you.

Big thanks to you @steevc and @slobberchops

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No problem. Hive is the wild west and some vigilantes are a bit gun-happy. Can't take it too personally. Just keep having fun.



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Okay, so he slipped up, but this is a 95%+ original post. We need to encourage and support good content creators, not scare them away. I am sure there is blatant copying going on, but please be more supportive of people who are trying to add value to Hive. It's not like we can afford to lose them.

@slobberchops is doing his best to nurture this community. Why not let him deal with it?

You are right. Thank you for the feedback.
We have not checked deeper the user's history of posting and onboarding.
The report was processed too quickly after checking the validity of sources provided by the reporter.

I have edited the comment and upvoted the post to encourage the user to stay. I will also add @grindle to curation.

Cheers. I've done enough dealing with abuse to know it can be a thankless task. We need to all work together to improve the Hive experience.

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Is this a rural location, it looks to be. How long have them fags been there?.., I looked but couldn't determine that Golden American are still about.

Well yes it’s pretty rural the town of juterbog it is like some Cheshire village from what I saw of it.
I guess the fags are pretty old, sold in packs of 25, which was unheard of in the U.K.

I have distant memories back in my youth in the early 70’s of travelling on the ss nevasa on a school cruise and buying packs of ‘555’ cigarettes in packs of 25 off members of the crew. Not a British thing at all.

Never saw those packs of 25, and I stopped smoking when I was 15. They were always 10's and 20's in England. Love the fact that it's just stood there... waiting for that shot.

Lol I did stand it on end !

It seems that a few more years, and the jungle will hide all these traces finally.